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The Feng Shui of Office Design

The strength of anything lies in the design. This is true for basically everything on Earth, including the design of your office space. The more that you know about how the design of a room impacts the people that work inside of it, the happier that your employees will be. By utilizing the philosophies behind the Chinese art of Feng Shui, you’ll soon find that it’s possible to shift the energy of the room into a positive light.

Literally translating to “wind-water” in Chinese, Feng Shui is an art form that examines the natural flow of energy in the architecture of a room, including how it binds together with the Earth, the universe, and even your employees. Since they’ll be the ones spending the most time in the room, it’s important for the room’s design to complement them and make them feel relaxed. If the room is overly hostile or makes them feel uncomfortable in some way, you’ll notice right away through the quality of their work.

The basics of Feng Shui dictate that every room has a flow of negative and positive energy, and that the arrangement of your office can help guide creative energy toward your employees and dispel distractions. Most of these guidelines have metaphorical origins, such as the belief that you should not work with your back facing a door, as a door represents the “coming of new business.” The philosophy also encourages positioning your workstation in the North or West area of the office to increase creativity.

That’s not all there is to it, of course. Feng Shui also takes utility into mind, and the philosophy encourages clean filtered air and good quality lighting in order to keep your employees healthy. It also suggests that the presence of lively art and other creative outlets invigorate your employees and help them get a fresh start on their work.

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