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The Craziest Used Office Furniture on eBay

We all know the siren call of eBay: The one-of-a-kind finds. The chance to score them at low prices. The excitement that comes with the potential of being outbid. It’s a regular thrill ride. And, for those of you searching for used office furniture, it can also be a fun house of outdated styles, beat-up desks and chairs that look like they belong in a medieval torture chamber.

To give you a laugh, we rounded up the best of the worst used office furniture finds on eBay. Enjoy:

Lost: One Desk
According to the seller, there’s a desk for sale…somewhere. The great thing about this piece is that it’s like a businessman’s special; it comes with a tie, dress shoes, and the ever-important gallon of cola (free backwash, too!). Who doesn’t want a talking Yoda doll and a couple boxes of ace bandages? Purchasing your furniture on an online auction site means you don’t really know what’s going to show up at your door and in what kind of shape it’s in.

For That Co-worker Who Thinks She’s a Princess
Then of course there are the desks that appear to be in fantastic shape and offer a lot of vintage charm, but look like they might be a better fit for the bedroom of a 13-year-old girl. Those shelves look like they’d offer the ideal storage space for a collection of porcelain dolls and the drawers are perfect for holding years and years of never-sent love notes adorned with little hearts and unicorns written to that boy in 4th period English who doesn’t even know your name.

Do I Have Something on My Teeth?
If you’re searching for statement-making seating for your reception area you’ll definitely brush into some unique possibilities: Like these molar-inspired ottomans. What better way to make people show off their pearly whites while dealing with the daily grind than a couple of giant teeth? You’ll just need to pick up one of those oversized toothbrushes to keep them clean.

The Office Chainsaw Massacre
We know how much people like antiques. Old pieces of furniture help connect you to the past and have a story to tell deep within their bones. In this case the story told in the cracks, scratches and worn paint seems to be one of ongoing abuse and little, if any, maintenance. If it were a movie we think it’d be the victim in one where a deranged serial killer in a hockey mask attacks innocent office furniture with a machete.

A Chair Fit for a King (or That Guy in Accounting)
If you just got a promotion and wanted to update your seating as a little reward to yourself, this is one direction to go. Sure, we’re guessing that straight back and lack of armrests aren’t really ergonomically correct, but it’s worth the sacrifice to sit like a king and command the respect of your co-workers (who will surely grovel at your feet the next time they ask you to show them how to fill out an expense report)! And the wicker is almost exactly like that breathable mesh used in those super-fancy office chairs, right?

The Purple People Seater
If you’re trying to outfit a whole office with new desks, eBay sellers offer a variety of solutions including that old-favorite: Cubicles. Sure, you might have to assemble them yourself and you may or may not have the instructions for how to do that, but it’ll be worth the savings, right? While there might not be a huge selection of styles, you’ll rest easy knowing that these beautiful Barney-the-Dinosaur-Colored-Purple cubes will be the ideal fit for your new plumbing business.

Now on Special at Grandma’s Estate Sale
If your style is more “Grandma’s Living Room Circa 1984,” eBay can hook you up with a comfy easy-chair-on-wheels that will accommodate any employee, whether they want to make a presentation about the annual budget in the main conference room, or quietly knit their grandson a hat while stroking their cat, Muffin von Fluffytail.

For the Employee Who Doesn’t Leave His Basement Very Often
Of course, you can find brand-new office furniture on eBay as well, including this gaming-geeks’ special. What employee wouldn’t want caddies for their computer speaker, special hangers for their headphones and cup holders attached to their desk legs? While this desk might show customers that you are serious about new technology, the pale guy in a Hawaiian shirt playing “Tomb Raider” might detract from the company’s overall professional image.

If you’d rather not wade through pages and pages of office furniture that looks like it’s seen better days or just isn’t your style, then head to Arnold’s Office Furniture. We have a huge selection of high-quality name-brand furniture that we’ve taken the time to clean and refurbish when needed. If you’re worried you won’t get a good deal by going with Arnolds, fear not! We offer some of the lowest prices in the business with no bidding necessary!

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