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The 5 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Office Cubicle Workers

What do you get your favorite wage slave for the holidays, if you can’t afford to get them a tropical vacation or early retirement? One of these nifty geejaws, which are guaranteed to make their neighbors in the cubicle next door green with jealousy.

1. Personalized Bobble-Head Doll
Generally, the less we have in common with Dwight Schrute, the happier we are. However, he does have one thing that we want, and that’s a personalized bobblehead.

2. Cubicle Doorbell
There is nothing more annoying than being interrupted while you’re working, and today’s open offices and cubicles make it easier than ever for people to bug you. Most creepily of all, folks are often right on top of you before you realize you’re being bothered. The solution? A doorbell for your cubicle. Still annoying, but at least you’ll know when you’re about to be irritated.

3. Aromatherapy Spray for Your Cubicle
Generally, we advise people to skip spraying anything in the office, lest they be assaulted by angry coworkers with perfume allergies. But these sprays have amazing names like The Antidote for Ego, Apathy, Passive, and Aggressive. How are we supposed to pass that up? (Our suggestion for the next spray: Irony. After all, it doesn’t get much more passive-aggressive than displaying aromatherapy sprays called Passive / Aggressive.)

4. Cubicle Pets
Not every office will let you bring in Fido or Fluffy, but most will allow small pets like fish. There are several small, self-contained fish tanks on the market that make it easy to keep fish in your cubicle.

5. Personal Candy Machine
When you were a kid, you planned to be an astronaut or a rock star, to eat ice cream for lunch every day and to have your own personal candy machine. The good news is, one of those things can come true. Actually, you can also eat ice cream for lunch if you want. The holidays are coming up. Live a little.

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