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Inc 5000 Great Places to Work

The 5 Most Unconventional Office Spaces

Way back in the gold rush days of the internet boom (circa 2000, in other words) many of us had some pretty crazy office perks. It wasn’t unheard of, for example, for a work day to start off with free breakfast, finish up with free dinner and in-between contain an absolute smorgasbord of chair massages, foosball and video games. But even in the heady days of Bubble 1.0, our work spaces looked pretty standard — offices, cubicles, board rooms and lunch rooms. Not so much nowadays, where new unconventional office spaces make foosball look like the Monday morning status meeting.

1. Cooler Conference Rooms
The next time you’re in a two hour meeting, staring at a blank wall and feeling your adjustable chair slowly adjust itself down to the floor, be jealous of employees at software company Vocus. They’re sitting in a conference room decked out with surfboards right now. Or maybe one designed to look like a cafe. Or, most awesomely of all, a boardroom called “The Bored Room.” Truth in advertising: It’s real!

2. Creative Common Areas
Most office buildings have common areas that are just as exciting as the interior of the average Department of Motor Vehicles. Vocus has a town square, complete with a clock tower, fake store fronts, and people playing guitar while other people have lunch. (All of them are employees. They’re not paid to impersonate buskers, although we’d like to suggest that to the folks at Vocus for their next office improvement.)

3. CD Lending Library
Every office has that one cool guy whose music everyone wants to steal. At Vocus, that guy is probably the dude who runs the CD Lending Library, which is a real thing that they have, and not just something that we made up when we were dreaming up the best office ever.

Who needs fooseball when you have Rock’em Sock’em Robots? And who needs either one of those things when you have an actual ball pit? At LivingSocial, they’re jumping around in a ball pit right this very second. We are so unbelievably jealous. Why did it take this long for someone to combine work with Chuck E. Cheese?

5. Free Candy
Many offices have free candy. But very few offices have free candy that is less than two years old, not leftover from some kid’s Halloween stash, and actually good. The free candy at Vocus is plentiful, fresh, and apparently entirely free from pocket lint.


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