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The 5 Most Outrageous Workplace Perks

In this era of empty cubicles and long-term unemployment, the workplace perk most of us are looking for is a paycheck. Bonus points if we can get a side order of health insurance and 401k with that. But for some lucky souls, a steady income is just the beginning. Here are some of the craziest (and most awesome) fringe benefits ever.

1. A Bar in Your Office

Most offices force their employees to do their boozing outside the office, on their own dime. Not employees at Yelp, who are welcome to take advantage of either the mini-bar or an amazing-sounding drink dispenser called the KegMate. Yelp made sure to point out that employees aren’t allowed to imbibe during office hours, but with a perk like this, who’s to say when office hours actually end?

2. Rock Band Tournaments
Lots of companies have an old foosball table moldering away somewhere. But how many workplaces can boast not only a Playstation, but full-on Rock Band tournaments? SilverTech, a website design company in Manchester, NH, can. They also gave each of their 24 employees an iPad as a thank-you for their hard work.

3. On-Site Massage
This is a perk we’ve experienced firsthand. Back in the halcyon days of the first internet boom (2000ish, in other words) this was a pretty common benefit. Now it seems like something Marie Antoinette would have had at her fake farm.

4. Free Airfare, for Your Whole Family, for Life
If you’re a director at Continental Airlines, or a relative of one of those fortunate souls, you never ever have to spend money to get felt up by TSA agents ever again. Instead, you get to do it for free, for as long as you or your family member lives. (Yay?)

5. Aromatherpy at Your Fingertips
…or at least, on your thumb drive. This USB device makes smells come out of your computer, proving once again that Elmer Fudd cartoons were actually predicting the future. The main purpose of the device is to create soothing smells that chill employees out and make them more productive. But we could see some office clown making really horrible-smelling versions of this and permeating the office with burned popcorn and stinky lunch smells.

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