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The 5 Most Fun Apps for Your Cubicle

Most people, even those who really love their jobs, wouldn’t choose to spend the day toiling away in their office cubicle instead of, say, lying around on the beach or playing a few rounds of golf. This is why we’re so lucky that there’s an app for absolutely everything. Thanks to modern technology, you don’t need to choose between work and play. You can use these apps to bring your hobby right into the office.

1. Cubicle Golf
For 99 cents, you can forgo club fees and long drives to the course, and play this “golf” game right from your cubicle. Instead of zany plaid pants and funny hats, your uniform is business casual. Instead of a club and a ball, you aim a worker in a chair at the goal, while striving to avoid the boss. Which is sort of fitting, since your real boss probably wouldn’t be totally thrilled to find you playing pseudo-golf instead of working. (Salesmen can probably excuse this by claiming to be practicing their swing.)

Reviewers on Amazon seemed to be more impressed with the concept than the execution, but hopefully subsequent releases will address some of their concerns about starting and stopping — and getting rid of that boss character.

2. Paper Toss
Modestly named, this app allows (nay, encourages) you to annoy your electronic coworkers by tossing a variety of items at them, including paper, tomatoes, a stapler, and something called a “burning ball,” which we can only imagine results in you being sent to app prison for app assault.

Pricing on this one is a little funky. You can get 1000 paper points for 99 cents, and then a bunch of different upgrades for additional money, depending on how badly you feel the need to torture your coworkers. The reviewers seemed quite taken with this one, though, complaining only that it gets sort of repetitive.

3. Live Beach Wallpaper
We were going to hold out until they invented an app that will actually transport you to the beach (ETA 2013), but this live wallpaper of swinging palm trees and crashing waves is so hypnotic, you won’t mind waiting. OK, fine, yes you will. Still: free beach, in your computer. Not bad.

Some Amazon reviewers found the graphics choppy, but others were quite taken with the beautiful picture. Everyone loved the price, because who could complain about free?

4. Office Jerk
If we’re going by the Apple and Amazon app stores, app consumers are very, very angry at their coworkers. This app allows you to torture an avatar of everyone’s least favorite coworker, the office suck-up. The Office Jerk comes in early. He stays late. He keeps a spotless cube. Man, he’s annoying. But with this app, you can punish him by tossing all sorts of horrible things at his desk, including paper, pencils, staplers, and, um, dynamite.

This one is free, but you can get an ad-free version for 99 cents. Which it sounds like you probably need, given your stress levels if you need to buy this game.

5. Tetris
At $2.99, this app is the most expensive one we’ve included in this list, and the one most likely to get you your money’s worth. Tetris is the potato chip of computer games. No one can stop at one game. In fact, people usually keep playing until their eyes dry out and the office closes and everyone goes home for the weekend. Eventually, they’ll find your mummified body curled around your phone, which will still be flashing your high score. At least you’ll have died happy.

Reviews for this are mostly along the lines of, “Oh em gee, Tetris! Tetris, Tetris! TETRIS!” except for one lady who got the Spanish version by mistake, and one man whose version kept freezing up on him. Fittingly, he was an IT guy.

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