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The 5 Most Creative Holiday Cubicle Decorations

Anyone can throw a bunch of tinsel around their office cubicle and call it holiday decorating. While that might be inexpensive, it’s also not very creative. (Also: Potentially depressing. There’s no bigger bummer in the world than digging months-old tinsel out of your office supplies.) These holiday cubicle decorations are way more interesting.

1. Lite-up Snowman Penssnowmanpens

The absolute best thing about these snowman pens is that you whack them on the heads in order to make them light up. This is awesome in your cubicle, but will be a thousand times more awesome in your next meeting, when you sit there lighting and unlighting your pen by hitting it on the conference table.

2. The Most Terrifying Santa You Can Find
There are many Santas available to you, the discerning cubicle decorator. Some are light-up. Some are ginormous. Some make little children cry. We recommend that you look for a Santa that’s all three.

3. Gingerbread Cubicle
Looking for an original idea for decorating your cubicle? How about filling it up with dozens of tiny little cubicles made entirely of gingerbread? Anarchy symbol optional. Enjoy your newly-found peace and quiet, as your coworkers leave you entirely alone forever.

4. Cubicle Full of Candy
Less creepy, but equally delicious, is this cubicle full of candy. This decorating scheme is only for the very social. If you fill up your cubicle with candy, you’ll have lots of friends in the office — at least until everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions.

5. Ice Cubicle
ice cave cubicle
This is perfect for those people who look around their office and think, “It’s OK in here, but I’d be much more productive if this place resembled the ice planet of Hoth.” We’re not making fun, by the way. In general, we find that the more our office resembles one of the original Star Wars movies, the better we feel. Coming next to a cubicle near you: Dagobah. Snakes optional.

Images: 1., 2., 3., 4. Oh Meaghan on Flickr, 5.

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