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The 5 Most Creative 2012 Calendars for Your Office Cubicle

Most of us rely at least part of the time on our computer calendars to tell us where we need to be and when. For our money, though, there’s still nothing like a good, old-fashioned wall calendar to really help you take in the big picture. And speaking of pictures, there are a bunch of really creative calendars out there with photos so amusing, your office cubicle is really next to naked without them. Here are a few of our favorites for 2012.

1. 2012 Awkward Family Photos Wall Calendar
Almost nothing makes us feel better about our own awkward phases and super-weird families than the Awkward Family Photos site. Really, unless your family dressed you and your siblings entirely in matching denim outfits from age two to 32, you cannot compete with the bizarre snapshots in this calendar.

2. 2012 Mayan Calendar
The actual Mayan calendar is a giant wheel so big, you’d have to bump out the CEO’s office to house it. Also, er, it ends on Dec 21, and a lot of people who take Nostradamus and Tarot a bit too seriously think that this means that we shouldn’t plan any big vacations for early 2013. On the other hand, you could always go with this version, which has pretty pictures instead of doom and gloom prophecies. And if you’re feeling super mean, you could always cut out the last few days and scare the pants off your coworkers.

3. Calendar Girls 2012 Calendar
This is your last chance to buy the famous calendar featuring the women of Rylstone and District Women’s Institute near Skipton, North Yorkshire, England. Sample photographs include Miss January, Beryl Banforth, presiding over a meeting of women wearing nothing but hats. Proceeds go to benefit cancer research.

4. Cute Overload Calendar 2012
It’s impossible to have a bad day of work with pictures of baby hamsters and smiling piglets looking over your shoulder. The Cute Overload site has been a staple of our workplace time-wasting for years now. It’s only appropriate that the calendar should become part of our day-to-day.

5. The Demotivator 2012 Build-Your-Own Calendar
Despair, Inc. is the sarcastic, anti-motivational version of those hideous Successories our managers have been inflicting on us for years. The best thing about the Demotivator Calendar is that you can choose your own favorite posters from the site and make up your own calendar. So if, to you, January has always felt like a tidal wave crashing over a tiny helpless surfer, you can choose this one. And if the month of your company meeting just screams “a bunch of stupid people jumping from an airplane,” you can pick this. This sort of innovation is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from a company whose motto is: “Motivational products don’t work. But our Demotivators products don’t work better.”

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