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The 5 Hottest New Toys for the Office

Everyone loves a good office toy. Think of how boring our office cubicles would be if we didn’t have our army of bobble head dolls or our arsenal of Nerf guns (our third war-related metaphor of grownup people toys).

Which is why it’s so nice that the good folks at the American International Toy Fair have developed toys with office workers in mind. And it makes sense: After all, unlike those freeloading kids, we work for a living, and can therefore afford to drop a little cash on toys. (Just kidding. Most kids have a higher disposable income than adults. But still: Toys! We’re always pleased to have more of them.)

Here are a few of our favorite cubicle toys from this year’s Toy Fair.

1. Talking Star Wars Dolls


Their Chewie might look more like a Brussels Griffon than the fearsome walking carpet from the movies, but we’re still going to give Underground Toys’ stuffed Star Wars dolls the top spot. If for no other reason than that everyone we know will want one.

2. Wi-Spi Helicopter


Want to know what your cubicle neighbors are up to? Prairie-dogging your head over the wall is so last century. With this Apple- and Android-enabled spy cam/helicopter, you’ll never need to worry again. Your coworkers, on the other hand, will clearly have a lot to worry about. Mostly working with you.

3. Nerf Dart Blaster


New year, new Nerf. This dart blaster costs $20 and shoots 10 darts up to distances of 55 feet. Which means that you don’t even need to attend the meeting in order to disrupt the meeting.

4. Berg Ferrari Pedal Go-Kart


At this level of cubicle toy, you sort of have to expect HR to get involved. Most offices are not going to let you ride this go-kart around all day long — which, rest assured, is exactly what we would do, if we could get our hands on this baby. The upside is that we would make every coffee run for every coworker, ever. Also, if they were nice to us, maybe they could hitch a ride on the back. But no promises.

5. Mattel WWE Brawlin Buddies


Forget those stress-relieving squishy toys: What you need is a toy you can punch. Take out all your frustrations on these stuffed wrestling dolls, which even come with recorded sayings from all your favorite wrestlers. (Or ones you’ve never heard of at all, depending on your level of devotion to WWE.)

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