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The 5 Best – and Least Objectionable — Office Plants

A plant-free office is a sad place, full of bad feng shui and devoid of creative spirit. However, introducing plants into office cubicles isn’t always the easiest solution, either. If you’re lucky enough to avoid spider mites and mold and mildew, you still have to deal with the fact that most plants, like people, thrive better in direct light. The corporate work environment is often heavy on fluorescents and light on windows and air. What’s a plant-loving professional to do?

Take a look at these five plants. One of them is bound to be perfect for your work space.

1. English Ivy


Revel in the rebellious spirit of this invasive species, which thrives wherever it’s planted and will grow right up the side of your cubicle wall, it you let it. There’s something very satisfying about the idea of turning your cube into “The Secret Garden.” Maybe it’ll grow over the doorway and you’ll never have to be bothered with coworker questions ever again.

2. The Inch Plant


This plant has zebra-striped leaves and pretty purple flowers. It’s another hardy plant that will grow without much help from you. Also, if you handle the leaves too much, it can irritate the skin, which could potentially help you identify that person who keeps borrowing your Post-It Notes and moving your things without asking.

3. Asparagus Fern


No relation to the vegetable, this bushy, bright-green plant can grow to be over three feet tall. Put it on top of your filing cabinet and use it as a holiday tree come December.

4. Snake Plant, or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”


This hardy plant is pleasing to look at, easy to care for, and can be used in incantations to protect yourself from your enemies. What else could you possibly need in an office plant?

5. Jade Plant


A succulent with small pink or white flowers, the Jade Plant is perfect for people who can never remember to water their plants. It gets bonus points because its rubbery appearance means that if you do manage to kill it, you can easily replace it with a plastic replica and pretend that whole plant murder thing never happened.

Along with these 5 plants, there are numerous other plants that increase productivity and improve air quality. Check out some of these plants here!

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