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The 10 Most Cheesy Cubicle Posters

Cheesy cubicle posters come in two kinds: the overtly inspirational, or the over-the-top wacky. Both are annoying in their own special way. Neither will make you look terribly original. All will irritate your coworkers almost as much as a smiley face t-shirt at a corporate retreat.

10. Hang in There, Baby!


This is arguably the original motivational poster. Dating back to the 1970s, when many of today’s workers were but inspirational gleams in their father’s eye, the Hang in There has been duplicated many times, but never matched. You could even say that it crosses the line between cheesy poster and awesomely ironic artifact.

9. You Want It When?


Like talking about the weather and asking if this elevator is the local, mocking deadlines is a go-to water cooler conversation. This poster is maybe the greatest example of that corporate staple: the joke that isn’t really a joke.

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8. Cubicle, Sweet Cubicle


This poster is probably intended to elicit first laughter, then tears, then laughter again. Instead, it gets blank stares. Especially if, instead of a poster, it’s rendered in actual cross-stitch on an actual sampler.

7. Any Kind of Affirmation Poster


The power of positive affirmation may indeed be strong, but if you hang one of those in your cubicle, the only thing you’re affirming to your colleagues is that you’re Stuart Smalley.

6. Complaint Department: Please Take a Number

complaint department

This is a hilarious joke involving inflicting bodily injury on your coworkers. Get it? Get it? Wait, where are you going? There’s no need to call the police. We’re all friends here, ha ha.

5. I Owe, I Owe, So Off to Work I Go

I owe so off to work I go

Nothing cheers up a grim burlap cube like a poster reminding you of how deep in the hole you are. We’re certain that productivity soars under this poster.

4. I Hate Mondays


As a friend of ours would say, “Easy, Garfield.” Bonus points because this poster manages to not-impress your boss while it doesn’t make you laugh.

3. No Whining

no whining

Just looking at this sign makes us want to whine. Also, as anyone who’s ever been a manager can tell you, it’s when people stop whining that you need to worry.

2. You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Work Here…


…But it helps! This poster is found almost exclusively on the cubicle walls of workers who describe themselves as “kind of weird” or “really unique.” Avoid this person in the lunch room. They will try to talk to you about how drunk they got last weekend.

1. Attitude, Now With Rainbow

rainbowThere are so many Successories to choose from, but we had to go with this poster. It pretty much has everything: cheesy slogan, weirdly Photoshopped nature scene, an actual rainbow. All it’s missing is a unicorn and the entire cast of Office Space.

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