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The 6 Craziest Holiday Office Party Videos

We all know how important it is to behave ourselves at the office party. Get a little too crazy in your office cubicle, and you might find yourself ringing in the new year on the unemployment line. The only problem with planning to play it safe is that it’s super boring. Fortunately, the interwebs are chock full of people who did not take our excellent advice. Join us as we live vicariously through them.

1. Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend … Could Sing?

The problem with karaoke is that everyone thinks they sound amazing once they’ve had a few, and everyone’s wrong. You basically have two choices when it comes to office parties: Hold the liquor, or don’t rent a karaoke machine. Otherwise, don’t come crying to us when this video happens.

2. It’s Guys Like You, Mickey

This man has had a lot to drink. How much has he had to drink, you ask? Well, we don’t have an intoxication chart that shows at what point a person decides he should try to smoke a piece of tinsel, so we don’t know.

3. Hope He Sticks the Landing

According to this video’s title on YouTube, it’s another movie of a drunk guy dancing at a Christmas party. However, honesty compels us to admit that it looks a lot more like a drunk guy trying to do gymnastics at a Christmas party. If we had been in attendance, we would have written scores on our placemats and held them up when his friend showed up to drag him off the dance floor.

4. Christmas Drunk Office Party Bum Rub

This is the only time we’re preserving a video’s original title, because truly, it says it all. When you’ve had enough to drink to think it’s a good idea to rub your bum all over a disinterested coworker, you’ve had enough to drink, period.

5. The Self-Employed Worker’s Office Christmas Party

The only thing that stinks about working for yourself is that you don’t have the opportunity to embarrass yourself in front of your coworkers at the annual holiday party — or so we thought. This intrepid freelancer has created his own holiday party for one. (Well, OK, for one plus his kids.) Our favorite part is either when he sings the Chipmunk Christmas song into a mostly empty vodka bottle or when the credits roll at the end of the video. They read: “Employees, in order of appearance: Glenn Gray, as himself.” And that’s it. Christmas bonus for you, Glenn Gray.

6. Taught That Tree a Good Lesson

Listen, sometimes, after a pint or two, you look around your office party and notice that the Christmas tree is judging you. And when that happens, the only thing to do is to tackle the darn thing, knocking yourself out and spilling water all over the rug. Hey, listen, you don’t make the rules.

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