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Steelcase Cubicles: Getting the Best Cubicles for the Best Price

Celebrating 100 years of building quality office furniture, Steelcase is one of the most well-known names in the business.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company — whose first patent was for a steel wastebasket in 1914 — now focuses on three main elements: interior architecture, furniture and technology while promoting social, economic and environmental sustainability.

With the growing popularity of open-space offices, Steelcase offers several lines to accommodate increased collaboration. Its workspaces fall into the following main styles:

1. Panel: More traditional office workspaces now use low, medium and high panels to define individual work areas.
Steelcase lines available in panel: Montage, Answer, Kick, Avenir, ap40 and Series 9000

2. Benching: Workspaces designed around teams rather than individuals. Benching solutions often start with a long table that’s been partitioned into small, individual workspaces.
Steelcase lines available in benching: FrameOne, Elective Elements 6 and Bivi

3. Desking: These workspaces use desks and storage spaces to differentiate workstations, rather than panels.
Steelcase lines available in desking: c:scape, Elective Elements 6, Topo Desking, Tour, U-Free, Bivi, Kick, Ellipse, and Context

Following are Steelcase’s lines for open-plan workstations. Prices for new and used models listed when available.

Answer – Designed to be flexible and interconnective, this panel-based system provides users with a balance of privacy and collaboration while supporting mobility and technology. Available in open bench styles to more private seating. Used: $775

Ap40 – A quick and simple furniture solution with 40 different configurations that “allows customers of all budgets to experience Steelcase quality.” This line focuses on five variables to provide a range of office solutions: privacy, collaboration, storage, mobility, and real estate.

Avenir – This line has a range of storage solutions and workspace options, including panels; work surfaces; desks; service modules; tables; lighting; and fixed and mobile pedestals, credenzas, bins and shelves – all that can be tailored to your needs. Used: $699

bivi_main banner image
Bivi – Designed with small-company culture in mind, this line was designed to be a blank canvas for businesses to express their company culture. The system is simple, quick to install, and easy to reconfigure.

Context – This line provides a great balance between collaboration and privacy, while maximizing space and offering easy installation.

c:scape – With a simple set of components — low- and mid-storage, beam, desk, and work tools and screens — c:scape improves collaboration while maximizing smaller spaces.

Elective Elements 6 – This freestanding desk system was designed to meet the changes in private and open-plan office environments. It offers a variety of materials including laminate, wood, glass, metal paint, and fabrics, plus plenty of storage options. Used: $925

Ellipse – A solid marriage between technology and functionality, this line works well in both private offices and training rooms. It can also be easily reconfigured without disrupting other workstations.

FrameOne – This benching option is more customizable and mobile than other options, offering easy access to lighting and power, a light aesthetic and a flexible design.

Kick – Perfect for offices where real estate is at a premium, this system “offers simplicity through form, function and price.” Can be used in both panel-based and open-plan environments with low and full-glass panels for more collaborative spaces to tall panels, stackers and sliding doors for private spaces. Used: $695

Montage Office – A highly customizable panel system that offers a variety of surface material options. Stackable and destackable frames allow you to vary wall height according to privacy needs and can be paired with frameless glass dividers. Extended top caps, hinged or pocket doors available. Features doors, glass panels, drawer pedestals, overhead cabinets and bullet-top desk with credenza all in a neutral fabric. Used: $3,950


Series 9000 – One of Steelcase’s most popular lines, it can be configured in a variety of ways and it integrates well with other Steelcase lines. Used: $650

Topo Desking – From open plans to private offices, this line offers space division and display walls, desktops and desk loops, sliding window screens, roller screens, modesty screens and overhead towers.

Tour – This line is simple to install and rearrange to quickly meet the needs of your changing office. Storage is “slide-able, flip-able and rotate-able” and has a clean design that allows it to fit into any office environment.

U-Free – The ultimate line for flexible design, U-Free allows you to create custom workspace configurations from a variety of universal worksurface and storage options. Pieces are unadorned, durable and timeless.

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