Stay Active at Work With These Six Tips!

Employees who sit at a desk all day are prone to chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. Unless you have a sit-stand desk, you’re more than likely sitting eight plus hours a day at work. Having motivation to workout after those eight hours or even having the time can be extremely difficult. So why not workout during one of your breaks or lunch? Even if your work doesn’t have its own gym, it’s still possible to get a workout in with the help of these six tips!

Pick a far parking spot


Even before you enter the office you have the opportunity to workout by choosing a parking spot that’s far from your building. Everytime you walk from your car to the store or office, you burn an extra 10 calories! Think about how many you could burn if you park farther away. If you take public transportation, get off at the stop before (if it’s a reasonable distance) and walk the rest of the way. To make it a little more interesting, add some lunges in or do jumping jacks every 10-15 steps.

Take the stairs


We already know that taking the stairs is better for our health than taking the elevator or escalator, but how many of us actually do it? To start, try making it a goal to take the steps once a day and than gradually work your way up and soon enough, you’ll forget you even have an elevator or escalator! According to, taking the stairs can burn enough calories in a year to negate the average adult’s yearly one-to two-pound weight gain.

Standing meetings

Olin Business School at Washington University conducted a study that consisted of 54 groups all given the task of creating a university recruitment video in 30 minuets. Some groups worked in a standard meeting room seated around a table, while other worked standing up with no chairs available. Results of the study showed that the standing groups presented better quality videos and the participants were more open about their ideas.  Having standing meetings will boost employee productivity and encourage them to voice their ideas!

Use an exercise ball instead of a chair


Switching out your office chair for an exercise ball can challenge your body’s muscles by increasing core strength, improving posture, balance and stability. The ball chair forces the user to balance while sitting upright and working on tasks. To keep from toppling over, the user engages their core muscles, which include the back, abdominals, hips and pelvic floor. You also have the opportunity to get in multiple workouts during your breaks by having an exercise ball right in your office.

Walk instead of sending an e-mail or calling

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This is a great excuse to get some exercise in! According to Mayo Clinic, people who sit all day at work and workout on a regular basis are actually unhealthier than those who spend more time on their feet. So although it might not be a far walk, it’s a chance to get out of your seat and moving. You could even try lunging instead of walking to get the blood flowing in your legs.

Make a fitness group at work

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Instead of going out to eat during your lunch break, grab a few coworkers and do simple workouts! If it’s a nice day, take a walk outside around your building. If you have to stay inside, make a competition out of it and see who can do the most crunches or push ups. To get everyone involved create teams and have different activities such as baggo, basketball, kickball, or darts! If your company gets really into it, you could hold tournaments on the weekends,

Whatever you decide to do, make it fun and know that it is benefiting your health! Comment below with more ideas on how to stay active in the workplace.

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