Staxx Benching (HAT Collective)

Staxx Benching (HAT Collective)

SKU: 2210

  • Staxx (HAT Collective)
  • HAT Finish Options

Staxx Benching (HAT Collective)

SKU: 2210



  • Variety of work surface finish options available
  • Privacy panels
  • Sit-stand base 
  • Storage available

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Staxx Benching (HAT Collective)

The two-legged height-adjustable Staxx benching employee workstation is the ultimate way to transform any workspace. A slim design allows endless arrangement options, including placing these benching stations with storage in a corner or rectangular station. With the quiet electric motor system, employees can transition easily from sitting to standing without disrupting co-workers.

Choose finish colors to complement your current working environment or designate different departments within your floor plan. Seamlessly combine Staxx benching with other office equipment to create a welcoming and productive office.

Work Surface Finishes

Add a touch of elegance to your office with one of the following work surface finishes:

  • White
  • Maple
  • Cypress
  • Walnut

Frame Finishes

Employers can also customize the Staxx benching frame color to add a modern feel to their workspaces. Color options available for the finish include:

  • Black
  • Silver
  • White

Benefits of Choosing Staxx Benching

Sit-stand benching stations with monitor mounts from HAT Collective offer many benefits for employees and workspaces. Each benching system features a minimalist design, allowing you to create various floor plans. Add storage underneath or on the side of these workspaces to give employees a safe space to store files, office supplies or personal items. You can also choose colors to match your décor or brand to bring together an office theme.

Order Staxx Benching Stations for Your Office Today!

Make your office environment more productive for employees by ordering HAT Collective workstations with a monitor mount today. The workstations’ durable and attractive design is ideal for any office environment, and the color customization options allow you to enhance your workspace further. Request a free quote, or call 610-272-2050 to learn if Staxx benching stations are suitable for your office!