Sunline Sliding Cubicle: 6’x6′ – 41″ High

Sunline Sliding Cubicle: 6'x6' - 41" High

SKU: 1030

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Sunline Sliding Cubicle: 6’x6′ – 41″ High

SKU: 1030

As low as: $995.00

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  • Included in Pricing: Panels and Work Surface

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Cluster Straight run
Tier 1 8-49 Cubicles $1,215.00 $1,470.00
Tier 2 50-199 Cubicles $1,145.00 $1,380.00
Tier 3 200+ Cubicles $995.00 $1,205.00
Electrical (per cube) $95.00 $115.00

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Charcoal, Light Gray, Blue




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The 6’x6′ 41-inch cubicle features Sunline sliding technology that is made to work for your office space. Change the shape to fit into unique areas and customize the fabric panels with colors that complement your office space.

You can also further personalize your cubicles with features such as a work surface that can replace a traditional desk for maximum space utilization. It comes in a range of textures and patterns as well. Other attachment options include cabinets that can give your employees space to store books and files, as well as a wardrobe cabinet that is perfect for coats, boots, umbrellas and other bulky items.


Sunline 6-by-6-foot 41-inch sliding cubicles are the right size for many businesses. The generous 6 feet of space allows enough room for a desk, chair and even a filing cabinet without feeling cramped. The cubicle’s 41-inch height offers privacy for calls and work but still allows colleagues to talk to each other and creates sightlines for better visibility and lighting.

These Sunline cubicles are ideal for call centers, marketing agencies, law offices and any space where teams of people need to work. If your workers want privacy and easy access to common areas, Sunline cubicles are the modern, stylish choice. After all, Amazon, Panasonic, American Airlines and other Fortunate 500 have already installed them in their offices.

No two offices are the same, and most change over time. You can set up your Sunline cubicles just the way you need for maximum efficiency. Then, change the layout later as your needs shift. You can combine cubicles to create spaces for teams or set up individual office spaces for employees. Attractive, contemporary styling makes these cubicles pleasant places to work. Plus, Sunline cubicles are more affordable than alternatives on the market.


Arnold’s Office Furniture has Sunline 6-by-6-feet 41-inch-high cubicles for sale — one of the most trusted and customizable brands on the market. We can also help you enjoy your dream office space with new furniture and an updated layout. Whether that includes setting up 6-by-6-foot 41-inch-high cubicles for your whole team, creating open spaces or refreshing executive offices and lounge areas with new furnishings, you can trust our team. We can transform your space, and we offer nationwide delivery and installation, too.

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Concerned about the delivery? We deliver nationwide, and we can construct the cubicles for you upon delivery. Our team is trained to follow the assembly requirements exactly, ensuring your cubicles are safe and stable.

For any additional concerns, our sales team is available by phone 24/7 and is happy to answer your questions. If you’re not sure about the design of the cubicles, our design team is also available 24/7 for inquiries.

The 6’x6′ 41-inch high office cubicle is a convenient, cost-effective solution for your employees. The height of the cubicle allows for conversation when needed, but the fabric panels provide privacy for focused work. Purchase the 6’x6′ 41-inch high Sunline cubicles for your team today.




  • We offer nationwide delivery
  • Our strict quality control process ensures that your order is shipped correctly the first time
  • Price varies based on location

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  • We provide professional installation services for a reasonable fee
  • We install cubicles efficiently without cutting corners and examine finished furniture to ensure it meets stability and safety requirements
  • Price varies based on the product purchased

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Disclaimer- The Sunline Standard Package pricing does not include the file cabinet shown in the picture.

* Price may vary based on layout configuration

If you have a team of hardworking employees that are constantly collaborating on projects with one another, Arnold’s Office Furniture has the perfect cubicle design for a productive office space — the 6’x6′ 41-inch high cubicle. Part of the Sunline Standard Package, the 41″ height is perfect for easy collaboration due to the low seated wall separating the cubicle space. While they can be set up to encourage conversation, these cubicles also give each employee some personal space of their own.

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