Pivit Frame Conference Table (Compel)

Pivit Frame Conference Table (Compel)

SKU: 6100

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Pivit Frame Conference Table (Compel)

SKU: 6100

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  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Open frame legs

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Pivit Frame Conference Table (Compel)

A practical and stylish statement piece sets the tone for your conference room. Impress guests, such as future employees and clients, with a sophisticated and professional table. The well-built construction of this piece offers years of use for interviews, presentations and meetings.

Features of the Pivit Open Frame Conference Table

This conference table’s open frame gives off an inviting and welcoming impression. About 10 meeting attendees can feel comfortable moving their chairs around the room as needed. The rectangular design is ideal for placing a dry-erase board or PowerPoint display for brainstorming sessions and presentations.

Benefits of an Open Frame Office Conference Table

Customizing our conference table lets you achieve a style you love. Our inventory of finishes allows you to create a two-toned look to accentuate the contemporary, geometric framing. As another option, selecting finishes of similar colorations offers a cohesive and sleek appearance from top to bottom.

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Order Your Compel Pivit Frame Conference Tables

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