Modern L-Shaped Desk Set

Modern L-Shaped Desk Set

SKU: 8417

  • Modern L-Shaped Desk Set
  • Medina-L-shape-with-cabinet-dark

Modern L-Shaped Desk Set

SKU: 8417

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Modern L-Shaped Desk Set

An L-shaped desk is an ideal solution for more surface and storage areas while saving floor space. The design works well for companies seeking to add more employees without expanding or rearranging their facility and multitasking workers looking to increase productivity and efficiency. 

A Modern L-Shaped Desk Set from Arnold’s Office Furniture meets these functional requirements and while adding a distinctive style touch to any office environment. It comes with an overhead unit with attractive glass doors for extra storage. And you’ll love the sleek, contemporary design and how it enhances your office’s decor. 


  • Modern design with raised floating work surfaces
  • Color options: light tan and dark mahogany
  • Storage: Overhead unit with glass doors and storage.

Delivery and Installation Services

  • We offer nationwide delivery
  • Our strict quality control process ensures that your order is shipped correctly the first time
  • Price varies based on location

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  • We provide professional installation services for a reasonable fee
  • We install cubicles efficiently without cutting corners and examine finished furniture to ensure it meets stability and safety requirements
  • Price varies based on the product purchased

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Your Headquarters for the Modern L-Shaped Office Desk and More

Arnold’s Office Furniture has set the industry standard for office furniture quality and style since 1929. With our outstanding selection, we can meet the furnishing needs of Fortune 500 companies and other large, growing organizations. 

We’re known for our focus on innovation. Arnold’s is the exclusive distributor of the advanced Sunline cubicle systems that are revolutionizing offices across the U.S. and around the world. These modular systems are easy to install and reconfigure, making them the perfect solution for today’s rapidly changing and evolving business environments.

We can even help you save money on furniture. Many of our products cost about half the price of similar pieces from our competitors. 

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