Neo Chair (9to5)

Neo Chair (9to5)

SKU: 405

  • Neo Task Chair (9to5)
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  • Neo Chair (9to5)
  • Neo Chair
  • Neo Task Chair (9to5)

Neo Chair (9to5)

SKU: 405



  • Variety of mesh back options available
  • Integrated height-adjustable lumbar
  • Adjustable lumbar and seat slider standard

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Neo Chair (9to5)

Office workers must sit for long periods, resulting in restlessness and discomfort. That’s why they need comfortable, ergonomic office chairs to support them throughout the day. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we offer Neo adjustable lumbar chairs that promote a healthier workplace.

9to5 Neo Chairs

Neo chairs from 9to5 Seating offer many ergonomic features to ensure the most comfortable and efficient working experience, including breathable mesh, dual-curved backing and height-adjustable lumbar support with seat slider tabs. This ergonomic office chair enables users to enjoy tailored back support with adjustable armrests and a molded foam seat for all-day support.

Our 9to5 Neo chairs have a mobile and lightweight design ideal for collaborative office areas like conference rooms, meeting rooms and open-plan office spaces.

Chair Materials

Our mesh-back office chairs comprise a slim-design molded foam seat with stylish stitching details and a high-profile nylon base. The chair base is available in black, gray and white nylon options, plus aluminum. You can also choose from various mesh finish colors for your Neo chair, including:

  • Snow
  • Slate
  • Graphite
  • Latte
  • Aqua
  • Crimson
  • Lemon
  • Electric
  • Apple
  • Cloud
  • Tangerine
  • Dove
  • Onyx

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