HUP Chair

HUP Chair

SKU: 8850

  • HUP Chair
  • HUP Chair
  • HUP Chair
  • HUP Chair
  • HUP Chair
  • HUP Chair
  • HUP Chair

HUP Chair

SKU: 8850

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  • Tilt mechanism
  • Height adjustable
  • Adjustable armrest

The H-shape of the HUP task chair combines ergonomic comfort with easy adjustability for the seat, head, arms and back.

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HUP Chair Features

Push the boundaries of ergonomic office sitting with the HUP premium task chair. The HUP chair has an innovative H-shaped backrest inspired by the H-shape found throughout engineering styles like automotive, bridge and architectural design. You can independently lift the backrest to fit your spine’s position with the seat’s S-shaped contour. This customization creates a uniquely comfortable fit.

The seat, headset and armrest also come with easy adjustment capabilities. The chair self-balances when you move to find your ideal position. The backrest and armrest tilt in synchronization, so your arms automatically align with the rest of your body.

HUP Task Chair Benefits 

The HUP task chair will change the way you think about sitting. A few of the key benefits that will make this seat stand out at your office include:

  • Ergonomic comfort: The HUP chair allows advanced adjustability from every angle so your team can find the spot where they thrive. This feature improves comfort and can protect musculoskeletal health. 
  • Mobility: This chair provides unique mobility since rotating armrests and adjustable features make it easy to switch desks or workstations. The HUP chair is also perfect for designing flexible workstations for your team.
  • Prestige: The HUP chair is striking and comfortable enough to build a strong reputation with your employees and attract new talent looking for health-based amenities in the office.

Shop HUP Office Chairs for Sale at Arnold’s Office Furniture

Arnold’s Office Furniture is a single-source furniture provider headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. We provide consultation services for design and layout, full office furnishings from a small facility to a Fortune 500 company and innovative Sunline cubicles. 

We have bulk HUP chairs available in four color options. Reach out to Arnold’s Office Furniture online for a free quote, or contact our team by phone at (610) 272-2050 with any questions.

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