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Why Santa Uses Sunline

It wouldn’t be a happy holiday without a Sunline Sliding cubicle. These state-of-the-art cubicles are like no other product on the market. One of their big selling points is that they take less time to install than other cubicles which offers thousands of dollars in savings on installation costs. Santa can slide the panels into place without breaking a sweat or digging through his sleigh for tools.

There’s more time for milk and cookies that way. Santa won’t forget how successful the Sunline Sliding cubicles are for workplaces worldwide. He’ll make sure to put more of them on his gift list next year!


Christmas Cookies

Future-Forward Cubicle Solutions

Do you know what the future of cubicles looks like? We do! Sunline Sliding cubicles come in a variety of colors, widths, and heights to meet the needs of your employees.

Selection is key because it allows you to create a workplace that looks and feels the way you want it to. Your employees spend a good portion of their day working for you so the least you can do is give them a space that looks and feels like the comfort of their home.

The Sunline Sliding cubicle has numerous benefits. First and foremost, they’re an affordable solution that won’t put Santa and his elves in the poorhouse. Everyone can have a new cubicle without it breaking the bank.

Next, they look sleek and modern. You don’t have to worry about them competing with the other décor you have in your office building. They’ll blend in effortless.

Last, they’re easy to put together and offer convenience, spaciousness, and storage which are all the things your employees need to have a successful week. They’ll be able to keep clutter minimal, so their focus is on the task at hand. Your workers will have no excuse keeping them from getting the job done right and on time when they’re sitting in their new Sunline cubicle.

Achieve the Aesthetic of a Successful Modern Workplace

If you have a specific aesthetic that you’re going for, you’re able to achieve it easily with the Sunline Sliding cubicle. Modern, attractive, and functional, they’re the type of item that every office needs this Christmas.

Create a uniform look with the color you choose for everyone’s cubicle. You can also determine which height provides the most privacy and minimizes distractions. Depending on the amount of accessories each employee needs to do their job successfully, determines the size of the cubicle that is necessary.

The people that work for you are different heights. Coming up with a cubicle size that accommodates the shortest and tallest members of your workforce is easy with so many options to choose from. It’s one of the ways you let your employees know that their comfort matters to you.

A Build-Free Solution That Takes Little Time to Install

Sunline’s innovative product makes the elves’ lives easier, too. After a long shift at Santa’s Workshop, the last thing they want to do is be responsible for building yet another difficult project. Sunline takes the guesswork out of creating comfortable, private office spaces for employees without the need to add-on to another building or rent a larger commercial property.

Think of all the other items in the office that require tools to install; if you lose on screw, the entire project is at halt until you can go to the hardware store.

Cubicles that don’t require tools to install saves you time, so you can spend it singing Christmas carols to your employees or drinking eggnog in the breakroom. It’s a holly jolly way to spend an afternoon stress-free. Once the cubicles are up, you can envision their usefulness.

Keep Your Elves Workday Organized

Sunline Blog

The right product such as Sunline, simplifies the elves’ workday and keeps them organized. After installing these effortless cubicles with Santa this Christmas, they know just how valuable a tool-free installation is in saving time. They’ll be back in the Workshop finishing up the last toys and gifts they need to create for the good girls and boys of the world.

Get the Gift You Want to Receive This Year

Take some of the stress off Santa this year by telling him exactly what you want. A Sunline Sliding cubicle is the type of gift that keeps giving year-round. It provides comfort and privacy so employees can do their jobs as effectively as possible.

You may want to play the role of St. Nick himself and buy the cubicles for everyone working in your office building. Think of all the work that gets done throughout the year when the right tools are in place. Your business will operate as smoothly as Santa’s Workshop.

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    Dec 22


    These look amazing! Do you make Cubicles for reindeer too?? Hohoho

      Dec 22

      Miranda Quinn

      We make cubicles for everyone and everything! Plus side is – they’re completely customizable so every reindeer can have a different color cubicle!


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