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Rainy day at the office

Rainy Day Office Etiquette

Rule #1: Set Up a Safe Location for Your Employees to Store their Rain Gear

During a rainy day, protect both your property and your employees with designated places for them to store their rain gear. Set up an umbrella bucket at every entrance and not just the main door. Having an umbrella bucket will keep the floors from getting wet and prevent potential injuries.

In a safe area, such as the break room or near the reception desk, set up coat hangers and storage bins where your employees and clients can change out of their rain jackets and boots. Make sure this area is kept dry.

Rule #2: Don’t Use Towels as Floor Mats

For many businesses, often the easiest way to sop up a wet floor is by leaving a towel on the ground. However, towels move around and can potentially cause slip and fall accidents. Additionally, they look unprofessional and may damage your image.

When it’s wet outside it’s important that correct floor mats be in place. We recommend a combination of an exterior floor mat outside the office, an absorbent interior floor mat when you first enter the building, and an entrance floor mat that leads up to the reception area and/or at every entrance, if you have more than one. It is also recommended that you place long runner mats down the hallways to catch additional moisture and debris.

Rule #3: Use That Rainy Day Fund

The rain often means longer and more hazardous commutes for your employees. Treat them to something nice like a free breakfast or lunch. By keeping them indoors instead of going out during their lunch or break, it will not only assure their safety, but prevent additional moisture from being tracked into the building.

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