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Switchable Privacy Glass

It is essential to create a welcoming environment in a commercial building. In some cases, using glass accents along doors, walls and partitions is a perfect way to increase natural light and open up discussion. However, what if your team needs privacy for routine meetings, planning and decision-making?

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Switchable privacy glass is one of the latest innovations for large and small businesses. With the flip of a switch, your employees can have crystal clear views or block out distractions surrounding conference rooms, reception areas and more. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we strive to provide flexibility in your floor plan layout, so we’ll explain your options for glass rooms and enclosures.

What Is Switchable Privacy Glass?

Switchable privacy glass at Arnold’s uses electricity to alter glass fixtures from opaque to fully translucent designs. In a matter of seconds, this technology allows you to change between open views and privacy settings through inner films and layers. When powered off, glass surfaces stay “cloudy,” communicating that a meeting is in session.

Think of switchable privacy glass as window shades or blinds. Simply activate the power switch to send a signal through the glass, and nearby employees will know it is acceptable to enter the space.

How Does Switchable Privacy Glass Work?

Switchable privacy glass products contain electrically conductive laminate films and liquid crystal molecules. The liquid crystals randomly scatter between glass surfaces, providing an opaque privacy view. The moment you activate the power, the crystals align within the laminate film, and products transform into see-through glass barriers.

The liquid crystal molecules determine how much light can pass through glass reinforcements. When you power down the technology, the scattered molecule positioning makes it impossible to peer inside your setup. The wall partitions will only appear as traditional glass when the liquid crystal molecules are perfectly aligned using electricity.

Benefits of Switchable Privacy Glass for Offices

At Arnold’s, we help you get the most out of your commercial building with versatile products and installations. Our customers enjoy our switchable privacy glass configurations as the technology gives employees the best of both worlds. Rather than construct a separate conference room or meeting location, a glass enclosure can hold presentations, training events, interview appointments and beyond.

Switchable privacy glass installations are excellent for expansions and redesign projects. We can install setups similar to the Clover High Wall Glass Office for mandatory gatherings and confidential matters. Why commit to an all-private or translucent setup when you can have both?

Low-Maintenance and Anti-Glare Privacy Glass

Switchable privacy glass from Arnold’s is ideal for those looking for long-term solutions and low-maintenance cleaning. Our installations are just like standard glass in that you can wipe them down to eliminate fingerprints and smudges as necessary. If you are moving to a new building, you can disassemble several of our enclosures and wall partitions to take with you.

We all know what it feels like to be blinded by sunlight and projectors. If your departments use audiovisual equipment for presentations and conferences, we recommend powering down switchable privacy glass to reduce glare. Our switchable privacy glass adapts to sunlight conditions, though, as you can change settings throughout the day.

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