2-Person Open Plan Workstations

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Sometimes, the traditional single-person desk seems out of place in modern business. For greater efficiency and an improved office layout, consider installing 2-person workstations instead.  A 2-person workstation offers a unique workspace solution to shake your employees out of the mundane rigidity of traditional single desks. This type of workstation allows for greater communication and increased accountability among your employees, cultivating a more productive and enjoyable work environment. Arnold's Office Furniture provides quality, customizable double workstation desk options to help improve your business.

Arnold’s Double Workstation Desks

Many brands have moved to 2-person desks to maximize their available real estate. Arnold’s Office Furniture offers numerous types of 2-person workstations ideal for larger companies. Available in a wide array of layouts and design choices, our double workstation desks are built to stand the test of time and look new for years.

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2-Person Workstation Desk Options Available at Arnold’s

Each company has different needs and preferences when it comes to desk arrangements. That’s why customizing your two-person workstation desk is such an essential aspect of the service you get when you choose Arnold’s Office Furniture. Choose from the following options to make your workspace flow efficiently:

  • Size: Get the exact size of desk you need to fit your office space and give your employees room to work productively. We can customize the size of your 2-person workstations to fit within your existing space.
  • Desk shape: Desks come in a variety of shapes and styles depending on your preferred workflow. You can get a 2-person benching station that suits your company’s specific needs with a customized shape for optimal comfort and productivity.
  • Material: The material your desks are made from contributes to their durability, price and aesthetic. Get a desk with a material that suits your office and budget and will hold up for years to come with customization from Arnold’s Office Furniture.
  • Color: Color can impact your employees’ moods and productivity levels. Choose a desk color that positively affects your employees and matches your office’s existing aesthetic to maintain an appealing and efficient work environment.
  • Storage capacity: Depending on the size and shape of your 2-person open-plan desk, you could make space for additional storage options. Some employees prefer more storage options, while others prefer a minimalist work environment. With Arnold’s Office Furniture, you can customize your office’s desks to fit your company’s storage needs.


Why consider a 2-person workstation instead of installing single desks in your workplace? The advantages of double workstation desks offer compelling reasons to adopt this modern style of laying out an office space:

  • Streamlined appearance: Sleek and contemporary, double workstations increase the attractiveness and freshness of any open working area. Thanks to their low profile, they offer privacy without restricting views or natural lighting. Impress potential new hires as well as prospective clients with the efficient atmosphere of your working spaces.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Rather than spending money on single desks, corporations can stretch their budgets by purchasing a series of 2-person desks. Arnold’s Office Furniture is priced competitively, often coming in at half the cost of other options without cutting corners or quality.
  • Comfort and freedom: Ergonomic 2-person workstations give employees a high degree of comfort thanks to their intuitive design. Built to make working life uncomplicated, two-person workstations provide storage and hide cables to remove barriers to worker success.
  • Collaboration opportunities: When two employees work side-by-side, they increase the likeliness of cross-pollination of ideas. Innovation often begins with discussion, and double workstation desks promote banter and brainstorming between team members.
  • Drop-in friendliness: Do you have seasonal or occasional employees or independent contractors who require drop-in spots to work while onsite? Double workstations create the ideal location for these types of workers to quickly join the rest of the team without requiring a permanent space to call their own.
  • Applicability in any room: Some rooms are larger than others. A 2-person desk fits a small space as well as a large one. In fact, 2-person workstations can make even modestly sized locations seem larger and brighter. Though they have reduced footprints, these workstations and desks still give employees all the amenities and working room they require.
  • Suitability for all teams: Want to keep your departments, pods, squads and team members in a central location? Buy a series of 2-person desks and pair up your personnel. You may also want to consider 4-person and 6-person workstations to augment your groupings by tasks and titles.

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For more than 90 years, Arnold’s Office Furniture has stood out as a superior supplier of 2-person workstations and other office furnishings. Whether you need to revitalize a current workspace or build out a new floor or wing, our team of office furniture specialists is ready to help.

In addition to offering national sales of the highest quality double workstation desks, modular cubicles and much more, we also provide installation services throughout the United States. This allows you to quickly get your space up and running with minimum downtime.

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