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Office Cubicles

Office Cubicles

Our sliding cubicle system has taken the office furniture world by storm – not just because of the ease of assembly and functionality – but also the affordability of the system. Add more to the benefit of your cubicle system by upgrading to a sit-stand desk which has many benefits for the workplace. Sunline Sliding Cubicles cost about half the price of the leading workstations from competing office cubicle furniture brands.

Modern Office Cubicles

If someone asked you to close your eyes and picture the classic American office space, chances are that rows of cubicles would fill your imaginary room. Cubicles have long been an icon in office design — and for a good reason. The right office cubicle systems can transform your workspace’s productivity, collaboration, and expression. 

As your workplace evolves, so should your cubicle systems. If you’re looking for the best modern cubicles for your office, look no further. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, our sliding cubicle system has taken the office furniture world by storm. Because Sunline office cubicle solutions are so affordable and easy to assemble, Fortune 500 companies worldwide have been increasingly relying on them. 

Need efficiency on your team? Office cubicles and office desks are customizable. Our custom office cubicles are the perfect solution for rapidly growing businesses that need flexible, high-quality stations that allow you to reconfigure them at the drop of a hat.

Sunline has worked with prominent names like Amazon, Panasonic, and American Airlines, outfitting their expansive offices with unique workstation configurations. 

Cubicle Systems Designed For The Modern Office 

While cubicles have been an American workplace staple since the 1960s, their design has strayed very little from the traditional look. But here at Arnold’s, boring doesn’t cut it. We’ve stepped up our cubicle game and decided to offer a new kind of cubicle design, available in multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and configurations. With the ability to include electrical capabilities, designated spaces for computer monitors and towers, sit-standing desks, and other modern must-haves, it’s the fully customizable workstation contemporary office workers have been craving. 

Sunline sliding cubicle options include:

  • A range of panel color options, including traditional grays and bright colors like red, orange, light green, dark green, and blue
  • Numerous available accessories, such as electrical options, monitor arms, file cabinets, sit-stand capabilities, overhead space, and wardrobe cabinetry
  • Customizable panel heights
  • Distinctive work surface finish options, such as white, gray, black, and various wood types
  • Various fabric color selections – including custom printing and color options
  • High-walled cubicles with additional door options

Sunline’s sliding panels allow for complete workspace flexibility, functionality, and customization. Our office cubicles are easy to assemble, disassemble and reconfigure, and we even offer custom cubicles to fit your specific office needs. 

Of course, we understand this selection can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure what you need. That’s why we offer free quotes and design, delivery, and installation services to help you through every step of the office furniture selection and design process. With options like these, you can feel confident you’ve made the right choice for your business, employees, and budget.

Cubicle Brands

At Arnold’s, we offer two brands of office cubicles for sale — Sunline and Clover. These cubicle brands offer various affordable, high-quality cubicles. You’ll find several different sizes, configurations, colors, and accessories to customize these cubicles in order to get the most effective layout for your office space.

Why Choose Sunline Cubicles For Your Open Office Plan?

Why Choose Sunline Cubicles For Your Open Office Plan?

Open offices have been rising in popularity, due to their ability to promote communication and foster relationships between team members. However, a completely open area can significantly distract employees from meeting their goals. Sunline sliding cubicles offer the best of both worlds. With the Sunline sliding cubicle desk system, you can encourage collaboration at some times and independent tasks at other times of the day. Our highly customizable open office cubicles let you configure them to your heart’s content.

Our cubicles also come in multiple workstation sizes, all of which you can readily reconfigure. These allow the flexibility to create a low-walled open office design, a high-walled traditional office plan, or a combination of the two. If you decide to choose low-walled cubicles and would later like to increase the wall height, no need to purchase all-new office furniture – quickly transform low walls into high ones with a few new posts and panels. 

Sunline sliding cubicle systems will bring a host of benefits to your office. 

  • Easy Installation: Our unique cubicle system slides together panel-by-panel and requires little tools or installation knowledge, you’ll be able to quickly assemble an entire office worth of cubicles in hours instead of days or even weeks, like other systems. 
  • Cost-cutting: Though a private office for every employee might sound ideal, this luxury isn’t feasible for most businesses. Cubicles allow you to expand your workforce for a fraction of the cost while still giving workers the feeling of a private space.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: If a panel or section gets damaged, no need to replace the whole cubicle, our easy-to-replace panels allow you to slide the damaged panels out and slide the new panels in without having to rebuild or replace the whole system. Saving you and your company thousands of dollars and hours of labor. You can even add panels and build your cubicles taller, making them into a more private workspace, or switch your fabric panels to glass, giving your space a more modern feel. Our sliding panels are interchangeable, customizable, and flexible – allowing for complete workspace freedom. 
  • Increased privacy: Employees can enjoy greater confidentiality behind their cubicle walls when working with sensitive data or completing client calls. The large partitions can even help with noise pollution by preventing people nearby from hearing each other’s conversations. On the other hand, the cubicle is only a semi-private construction, allowing people to talk and collaborate.
  • Personalization options: Having a personal workstation gives employees a sense of ownership. Employees can customize and personalize their spaces with posters, family pictures, calendars, memorabilia, and other items that bring a relaxing taste of home to the workplace. Further, our cubicles come in an array of colors and styles to satisfy multiple office aesthetics and make a strong positive impression. 

Our Options For New Office Cubicles

Arnold’s business cubicles come in multiple options for your specific workplace environment. They come in various sizes, heights, colors, and styles for your particular office environment. Plus, we offer unique office workstation cubicle solutions such as the Sunline Sliding Boomerang or Sunline Sliding Quad Team Station for your particular office layout. 

Our Build-a-Cube service lets you customize your cubicle’s color, height and size for your needs. 

  • Color: Though cubicles are a classic office staple, we believe your office aesthetics should evolve with the times. Your cubicles leave a lasting impression on your clients and other office visitors, so you’ll want them to reflect your company’s brand. You can opt for a classic gray or get bolder by choosing unique colors. We’ve discovered that green, blue, and purple are three colors that support a productive environment. 
  • Height: We understand different workplaces require various levels of collaboration, so we offer three wall heights to encourage communication. Our low, 41-inch walls have lower panels for greater collaboration and increased visibility, while the high, 65-inch walls rely on three layers of paneling or glass on the partition for maximum privacy. For an in-between solution, our 53-inch walls use two layers of paneling or glass to allow privacy when seated but visibility when standing. 
  • Footprint: A cubicle’s footprint is its square footage after assembly. We carry a range of sizes for multiple business needs, including 4′ x 2′, the standard 6’x 6′ cubicle, and even our largest 9′ x 12′ enclosed cubicle option for management or executives. 

Further, our cubicles come with the capability to include accessories such as the following. 

Cubicle Sizes

Our expansive inventory of cubicles ranges in cubicle sizes from as small as 4’ x 2’ to as large as 9’ x 12’. Because we offer such a wide range of cubicle sizes, we can customize solutions for offices of any size and shape. We can also design layouts using combinations of cubicle sizes to create the most effective solution for your office needs. For example, you may want some smaller individual cubicles for individuals and large cubicles for teams to collaborate easily.

Here’s a complete list of the cubicle sizes we have at Arnold’s Office Furniture:

  • 4’ x 2’ office cubicles
  • 4’ x 3’ office cubicles
  • 4’ x 5’ office cubicles
  • 5’ x 2’ office cubicles
  • 5′ x 5′ office cubicles
  • 6′ x 6′ office cubicles
  • 6′ x 8′ office cubicles
  • 8′ x 8′ office cubicles
  • 9’ x 12’ office cubicles

Cubicle Heights

Cubicle Heights

Many of our cubicle sizes can be found in differing heights, allowing you to customize our cubicles further to fit your needs. Most of our cubicles have three height options — high, mid, and low. We also offer two Drop-Down cubicles, which have multi-level heights. Here’s a closer look at each cubicle height:

  • High-wall workstations: Our tallest cubicles have walls up to 83 inches tall. These cubicles offer maximum privacy, creating a quiet workspace. Taller cubicles are ideal for sensitive discussions, encouraging concentration and creating partitioned space.
  • Mid-wall workstations: If you’re looking for cubicles that allow for privacy without isolation, mid-height cubicles are a perfect in-between. These cubicles stand around 53 inches high, so team members can concentrate on their work while still having the option to collaborate with nearby colleagues.
  • Low-wall workstations: Low-wall cubicles are ideal for collaborative environments. Our low-wall workstations stand around 41 inches high, allowing workers to feel engaged, connected, and collaborate while still having a space of their own.
  • Drop-Down cubicles: Our Drop-Down cubicles offer the best of both worlds — quiet and collaboration. These multi-height cubicles have tall wall panels that drop to lower heights in the back. These cubicles allow workers to collaborate and work efficiently in their private spaces.

Specialty Types Of Cubicles

We offer various specialty Sunline cubicles for your office’s specific needs. We know each business requires unique office cubicle solutions for the modern workplace. Our cubicles come with the capability to include accessories like monitor arms, whiteboards, sit-stand capacity, shelves, and cabinets. We offer specialty styles like private offices, floor-to-ceiling office partitions, social distancing, and call center cubicles to support smooth daily business operations.

Private Office Cubicles

At Arnold’s, we believe your office cubicle systems should evolve with your office. Our Sunline Private Office Cubicles give you the power to choose your level of privacy. We offer both private and semi-private office cubicle solutions for maximum office flexibility. Our semi-private cubicle solutions are perfect for jobs that require a balance between independent work and collaboration with co-workers. Sunline’s Sliding Drop Down Cubicle has drop-height walls to easily transition between private work and cooperation, providing a superior semi-private office cubicle solution. 

Some employees need complete silence to work or have frequent confidential conversations that require confidentiality. Sunline’s Sliding Private Office allows for a completely quiet office workstation cubicle-style of experience. This modern office cubicle has the option to include an aluminum frame glass door for those times when quiet is necessary. You don’t even need tools to build the walls, as you secure the work surface with screws!

Floor-To-Ceiling Cubicles – Office Partitions

Floor-to-ceiling office cubicle solutions provide maximum discreteness while still allowing for flow and collaboration to happen among the team and clients. Arnold’s easy-to-clean high-wall glass offices have the option of a door for quiet from outside noise and tall glass-walled enclosures for noise reduction in places like conference rooms and call centers.

Floor-to-ceiling cubicle office patricians provide an affordable way to function as a traditional office, promote social distancing and reduce noise. However, office workstation cubicles are different from conventional offices in that they allow for the freedom to entirely change your office layout within 24 to 48 hours. The Clover High-Wall Glass Office 500 and 800 Series provides a sleek modern office cubicle solution for maximum flexibility, comfort and organization. 

Social Distancing Cubicles

Modern cubicles are an excellent solution for following CDC social distancing guidelines in the office. Open offices spread more germs, causing workers to take frequent sick days and miss more work. Social distancing cubicles maintain space between individuals and keep workers safe on the job. They’re durable and come in various shapes, so you can maximize space while preventing the spread of illness. 

The 8′ x 8′ Sunline Sliding Cubicle is a perfect size and includes high walls to keep your team and clients safe and distanced in the office. For even more security, try Sunline’s 8′ x 10′ Private Office with high walls. Sunline’s office cubicle solutions provide even more distance between employees to allow for maximum security. 

Call Center Cubicles

Your business has a unique purpose, so you shouldn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all office cubicle solution. Manufacturers like Clover design call center cubicles especially with daily call center operations in mind. Modern call center office cubicles boost productivity, make it easier for your team to focus on calls easier and fit cables from computers and phones discreetly out of sight. 

For more compact call center cubicle options, try the 4′ x 2′ Clover Call Center cubicle. These cubicles are available with 53- and 65-inch wall heights for different options. We also offer larger cubicles for teams who require a bit more space. Our call center cubicles also come in 5′ x 3′, 5′ x 2′, and 4′ x 3′ options. 

An Ideal Office Workstation With Cubicle Kits

Our office cubicle kits offer a new way to add flexibility to your office. With this do-it-yourself cubicle setup kit, you can choose from seven layout options. With flexible options, you have the freedom to reconfigure your cubicles as you please without spending money on upgrades every time. The set-up process is simple and can be completed in-house with our step-by-step instructions.

From collaboration pods to individual workstations, you have more control over how you use your office space with the addition of our reconfigurable cubicle kits.

Cubicles With Doors

Cubicles with doors create private offices. Sliding doors allow you to save space and eliminate the obstacles of doors swinging open in small spaces. Cubicles with doors offer next-level office spaces, as workers can avoid unexpected visitors and block out exterior noise and distraction from office bustle. 

Small Office Cubicles

Like many companies, you may have limited office space for cubicles. If this is the case, consider the benefits of small cubicles. Since smaller cubicles take up less space, you can fit more workspace into your office without making it feel confined or claustrophobic. Staff members will have their own space to work and concentrate while still being close to others for collaboration. Our small cubicles offer plenty of customization options at an affordable price.

Create A Healthier Workspace With Arnold’s Office Furniture

At Arnold’s, we care about your employees’ health and well-being. Our commercial office cubicles are instrumental in helping you create a healthier workspace. Cubicles are the top way to break up an open office and promote health and productivity. Those returning to the office can safely distance themselves with our Sunline office cubicle solutions. You can restructure your office during the winter to help limit the spread of airborne viruses.

Sunline cubicles allow for easy office reconfiguration. While interlocking furniture might be challenging to easily rearrange to enforce social distancing, our cubicles are a snap to take apart and reassemble. Tall office cubicles are a safer alternative when redesigning your office layout during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of the cubicle height you choose, cubicles provide the workstation separation the CDC recommends.

You can create a healthier workspace by upgrading your existing cubicles or choosing new office cubicles. When selecting new cubicles, choose high-wall options. Tall cubicle walls can range from 70 inches to 82.5 inches to prevent the spread of airborne viruses and are ideal for independent work. You can upgrade your cubicles with dropdown wall options, partitions, and by distancing employee office workstation cubicles.

Upgrade Your Office Space – Shop New Office Cubicles

If you’re looking for the best cubicle systems, look no further. Our team at Arnold’s Office Furniture, the sole distributor of Sunline cubicles, has been working with businesses for 90 years to select the right office workstations and design office layouts. We also offer complete installation services to help you set up your office in a way you’ll love. Contact Arnold’s today to request a free quote!

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