2-Person Office Reception Desks

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A two-person reception desk is an economical way for a company to fit two people into a larger space usually occupied by one. The reception station footprint may remain the same, but the space can be split up so that two people can work efficiently there, saving your business money on a spare desk.

Dual Reception Desks From Arnold’s Office Furniture

Arnold’s Office Furniture provides a selection of durable, eye-catching reception desks for two persons. Save money by using your space more efficiently and implementing a two-person reception desk in your office. 

Read on to learn more about how a double reception desk from Arnold’s can improve your workspace.

Benefits of a 2-Person Reception Desk

One of the benefits of a two-person reception desk is straightforward — you can have two people working there instead of just one!

But it’s also a matter of dimensions and sharing a workspace. By saving space using a double reception desk, you are making your waiting room layout more visually appealing. Moreover, you are encouraging teamwork among your receptionists, thus enhancing productivity. Some of the benefits of a two-person reception desk are:


By using a two-person reception desk, you are being mindful of both your wallet and your floor space. Individual reception stations are expensive and can be much bigger than what is necessary.

Two-person reception desks isn’t simply one reception desk against another- they simply extend the working surface of an individual desk enough to fit two people.

As an example, take the u-shaped reception desk. You extend only one surface without adding the extra two, saving money on an extra desk. Moreover, you’re saving your customers time checking in, since you have two people working where there was only one.

A Balanced Look

Double reception desks effectively make a waiting room look more appealing for a customer. Though it may look tighter than one individual desk, the two people working behind it are the only ones who can really tell it’s smaller. Moreover, having a person on either side balances out the space and makes the size of the desk seem more proportionate to the customer than one person behind a larger station.

Increased Work Efficiency

Two-person reception desks can help improve worker productivity at the front desk. Because both receptionists are working to get customers where they need to go, it saves a single employee from being overburdened. It also nurtures efficiency. If one receptionist sees the other becoming overworked, they can step in and help bear some of the workload. It can work similarly if one receptionist sees the other doing more work. Because humans are naturally competitive, the other will work harder to keep up.

This productivity increase can also be attributed to the teamwork that will occur while having the receptionists work side by side. They can talk with each other about workflows and set up a plan of action if one gets overworked to keep everything going smoothly.

Arnold’s Customization Options for Double Reception Desks

Every business has different preferences and needs when it comes to office furniture. When you shop with Arnold’s, you can customize the major components of your two-person reception desk. You can get a solution that will cater to your employees’ specific needs by customizing the dual reception desk’s:

  • Material: The material of your desk can impact its durability and appearance. Choose a material that suits the rest of your office and creates a positive first impression at your reception area. This customization option also allows you to ensure that your desk will meet your expectations for quality and longevity.
  • Brand: Your desk’s brand can also affect its quality and aesthetic appeal. With Arnold’s, you get access to a range of top-selling office furniture brands, including Sunline. Find a brand name you trust to give your reception area a professional and appealing look.
  • Color: Your office’s color scheme can impact your employees’ productivity and mood. Select a color for your double reception desk that matches the aesthetic of your office and promotes positivity and efficiency.
  • Size: Depending on the space you have available and the type of work of the employees using it, your dual reception desk may need to be a specific size. Arnold’s can accommodate your specific size requirements with a wide range of sizes for you to choose from. 
  • Shape: Choose from many unique desk shapes for your two-person reception desk. You can keep it classic or go for an eye-catching modern twist.

Trust Arnold’s Office Furniture for 2 Person Reception Desks

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we’ve helped furnish Fortune 500 company offices internationally, and we can help furnish yours, too. We will offer you a complimentary floor plan with a furniture purchase. Have any questions about our reception stations or anything else? Please give us a call at 866-370-5133 to chat or visit our website to request a quote today!