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Executives at high-ranking companies need desks that support long periods of hard work and meetings with clients and vendors. These setups have to be stylish and impressive enough to give a good impression without sacrificing the space's functionality. At Arnold's Office Furniture, we offer superior desk options from Sunline that enable executives to meet their responsibilities.

Arnold's Office Furniture offers several styles of executive office desks from Sunline. Traditional executive desks are often solid wood and unchangeable. With Sunline, you can pick the basic design and customize it with optional features like modesty panels, color variations and other alternatives. Whether your office needs more storage or your team needs features that other executive computer desks may not have, Sunline executive office desks from Arnold's Office Furniture are the perfect solution.

Executive Desk Styles and Features

When looking for an executive desk, it is essential to keep the design in mind. After all, an executive is an important face of the company whom vendors, clients and customers interact with during important business meetings. The desk is the highlight of the room, drawing attention and adding to or detracting from their opinion of your company.

The modern executive desks we provide, such as the LA Executive Office, have clean lines and a sleek aesthetic. Some of them come in rich, dark woods and have leather and veneer tops, which last longer than regular wood. Other desk options, like the Sunline LZ Executive Desk I, come in various colors to match your office. If you believe that standing is beneficial for productivity, choose our Sirius Executive Desk with an electric lift so that your executives can work on their feet.

In addition to the vast selection of styles available, Sunline executive desks are customizable. You can add features like:

  • Storage compartments: Our executive desks can come with side cabinets, a bookcase with a wardrobe closet and wire boxes.
  • Matching conference tables: You can complement some desks with conference tables in the same style, which is perfect for when you need more space.
  • Leather writing pad: Several executive desks come with leather writing pads for scribbling down notes throughout the workday.
  • Electronic considerations: Our desks have several features for electronics, such as CPU space, hidden cable management and USB charger ports.

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