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Pokémon Go: Behind Closed Poké Balls

As you may know, Pokémon GO has turned the Pokémon World upside down.  It’s more popular and more fashionable than ever to hunt Pokémon of all varieties.  Everyday, innocent Pokémons are being tracked using GPS, then caught and trapped inside the confined constraints of a Poké Ball.

Arnold’s Office Furniture is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.  It was back on August 30th, 2013 when Arnold’s had its first encounter with a Pokemon.  In a blog post entitled “What is a Power Whip?”, Arnold’s met Bulbasaur – a popular Pokemon who specializes in a Poké move known as the power whip.


Bulbasaur – Power Whip Inspector

pokemon go bulbasaur

After an extensive hiring process, it was determined that Bulbasaur was the most qualified applicant.  His duties would be to supervise and perfect all power whip applications for Arnold’s cubicle workstations.  News spread quickly through ポケモンの世界 (Pokémon World).  The opportunity to trade Poké Balls for cubicles was made known throughout ポケモンの世界.

Bulbasaur, a proud employee of Arnold’s since 2013, is concerned for his fellow Pokémon brethren.  In a recent interview with resident blogger, JFreshly, Bulbasaur shared some insight into the life of a converted Poké:

“You know, as of 2013, I had lived in a Poké Ball almost my entire life.  Arnold’s gave me a chance to prove myself in a corporate setting, and since then, I’ve been working in the Herman Miller Red Refurbished Ethospace Cubicle.  I just love the open space of my personal workstation.  Sometimes I think of all the time I had to spend cramped in that Poké Ball…”

As Bulbasaur said the words ‘Poké Ball’, his eyes began to moisten with emotion, “I’m sorry, this is really difficult … can we do this another time?”

Bulbasaur was nearly in tears at this point.  He just shook his head, swiveled his ergonomic office chair, and went back to his daily working duties.


Jigglypuff – Secretary / Lounge Singer

pokemon go jigglypuff

In a cubicle enclave adjacent to Bulbasaur, we found the Pokémon named Jigglypuff.  When Jigglypuff is not performing as a lounge singer or working as a balloon at a toddler’s party, he is a secretary for Arnold’s Office Furniture. When we tracked him down, he was sitting in the Napoline L-Shaped Reception Station serenading an important client.

“I just love Arnold’s Office Furniture!  The acoustics of this reception station are incredible.  It was so hard to practice my octaves being trapped in that Poké Ball for 23 hours a day.  Now I get to work in an open office setting and sing to my heart’s content.  I just wish my relatives Wigglytuff and Igglypuff had the same opportunities that I have now working at Arnold’s!”


Pikachu – Customer Service Representative

pokemon go pikachu

With the the rise in popularity of Pokémon Go, the rate of Pokémon to Poké Ball is quite alarming (too many Poke Balls!), but all is not lost in the world of Pokémon.  There is one brave Pokémon leading the Poké resistance and his name is Pikachu.  He refuses to go into a Poké Ball and wants other Pokémon to follow his lead.

We asked Pikachu what he thought about the Pokémon Go craze and he yelled, “You expect me to fit in that??”

His smushed yellow face had the look of disgust as I put a Poké Ball on his stylish Steelcase Context Open Plan Station.  “I wish there were more companies like Arnold’s.  They know how to treat their Poké employees.”

Pikachu currently works in the customer service department.  He won employee of the month back in May and strives for a repeat in August.


Pokémon Rights Rally

pokemon go professor westwood

We at Arnold’s Blog News Correspondence Team traversed back into ポケモンの世界 to track down none other than Professor Westwood of Celadon University.  Professor Westwood is responsible for what we know today as the modern Poké Ball.  What we found might surprise you.


Outside of the professor’s house was a sea of Pokémon all wearing shirts with a Poké Ball graphic on the front that had a red slash across it with a slogan reading, “Say no to Pokémon Go!”  Apparently, Pokémon are not very happy about being pulled into another dimension through a cell phone and trapped into a cramped Poké Ball.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to bypass the mob outside of Professor Westwood’s house.  We did, however, get a glimpse of Pikachu with a bullhorn charging the crowd with fury, leading all Pokemon in the chant, “HECK NO WE WON’T POKEMON GO!”  Poké Balls were thrown at the Professor’s house with much malice.

pokemon go pink pokeball  In the commotion, I became a bit disoriented – wrong place, wrong time sort of deal.  A Squirtle had squirted a dream ball near my head.  Days later I woke up.  The Pokémon had nursed me back to health and made sure I had safe travels back to Philadelphia.  It was nice being back at Arnold’s Office Furniture to see humans and Pokémon working together to ensure that the everyday tasks of the growing new and used office furniture company were handled efficiently.


Poké Conclusion

Pokémon Go is a huge threat to Pokémon all across the world.  Since the craze, Arnold’s Office Furniture has become a safe haven for these lovable Pokémon.  A portion of every sale made will go toward helping a Pokémon in need.  Pokémon hate to work in Poké Balls, but love to work in cubicles!

They also love great deals!  Which is why Arnold’s Office Furniture is the preferred cubicle provider for Pokémon across the world!  Contact a sales representative at Arnold’s today (you might even hook up with a rare Snorlax!)

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