Open Plan VS Cubicle

Cubicles used to be the norm in the workplace. In the last 10 or 15 years, though, many offices have switched to open plan. Now, about 70 percent of office workers spend their days in an open office.

The popularity of the open layout grew as the tech startups in Silicon Valley grew. Their open office plans were mostly a result of their initial lack of funds and furniture, but other businesses started to associate open office spaces with the creativity and innovation of tech startups. More and more businesses started adopting the open layout to increase collaboration and inventiveness.

If you’re trying to decide between an open layout and a cubicle layout for your workplace, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each plan.

Pros of Choosing an Open Plan

Fewer Barriers

Without cubicles or offices, employees usually feel like there’s less of a barrier between themselves and their managers. This can allow for more open communication and less of a division between managers and their subordinates.

More Collaboration

Collaborating on larger projects or just quickly asking a coworker for ideas can be easier with an open plan. This opportunity for collaboration can help employees come up with new and better ideas. Of course, collaboration is still an option with a cubicle layout, but employees may forget that they can ask for input from their coworkers when they can’t see them.

Easier Adjustment to Growth

In the event that your workplace grows rapidly and hires dozens of new employees, an open office layout will make it easier to accommodate the new hires. It’s easier to move furniture around and fit more desks into an office with an open plan, rather than with a cubicle plan.

Cons of Choosing an Open Plan


It’s extremely easy to get distracted while working in an open office. You’ll probably be sitting across from at least one other person, and you’ll see their every move in your peripheral vision. Any time your coworker makes a phone call, pushes back their chair, or coughs, you’ll hear it. If you’re easily distracted, your productivity will probably suffer in an open office space.

Lack of Privacy

The lack of privacy in an open plan can also be stressful. Many people work better when they feel alone and know no one is watching them. It can be uncomfortable and even anxiety-inducing to have coworkers or managers watching your every move. You may be more productive if you can relax and not worry about privacy.

Sickness Spreading

Viruses spread rapidly through all offices, but open office plans are the worst for spreading sickness. If the coworker across from you coughs or sneezes, there’s a good chance their germs will enter your personal space.

Although there are plenty of steps you can take to avoid catching illnesses from your coworkers, it’s stressful to constantly worry about the cleanliness of your space. Working in a cubicle provides you with some protection from your coworkers who come in sick.

Pros of Choosing Cubicles


Most people find it much easier to concentrate when they have their own private space. With a cubicle, you won’t have to see or hear everything your coworkers do, so you can focus on your work in peace.

Fewer Interruptions

You’re more likely to experience interruptions with an open office layout. When your coworkers can see and communicate with you without leaving their desks, they’ll probably try to get your attention more than necessary. If everyone works in a cubicle, employees will have to get up and find you to speak to you, so they’ll only interrupt your work when it’s absolutely necessary.


The privacy of a cubicle is a huge benefit. While you may worry about being constantly watched in an open office, your own cubicle will provide you with a sense of privacy and security. This will help you focus on your job.

Personalized Space

A cubicle provides you with your own space and walls in your workplace. You can put up pictures, calendars, or notes on the walls of the cubicle, and keep your space as neat or as disorganized as you want without upsetting any coworkers.

Cost of Cubicles

The cubicle layout tends to be a better option for most offices and most employees. However, one common reason offices choose the open layout is cost. Building traditional cubicles can cost thousands of dollars and can take a long time to install. Open offices are usually much cheaper.

Fortunately, you can choose a new, cost-effective alternative to the traditional cubicle with Sunline. With these revolutionary new cubicles the panels just slide rig

ht into place and only require a few screws to fasten the work surface. While installing traditional cubicles can take up to a few weeks and disrupt the workplace,assembling a Sunline cubicle cuts that time in half.

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Although open office spaces are more common now, many workers want to go back to the cubicle layout. Most people believe the pros of a cubicle outweigh the cons. If you’re interested in a customizable cubicle plan for your office, consider using Sunline’s revolutionary new cubicles.