Old Office Furniture Repurposed

It’s always a challenge to figure out what to do with your old office furniture when you no longer need it. Should you sell it? Donate it? Leave it out by the Dumpster and hope for the best?

We’re always intrigued when people skip the usual options and do something really creative with their old equipment. Not only does it save space in the landfill, but reusing office furniture instead of discarding it can save you time and money, as well. Here are a few of our favorite ways to reuse old office furniture for brand-new purposes.

1. Need a Wall? Use an Office Cubicle

What do you do when you have a lot of old office cubicles, and not enough actual rooms? Sutter County, Calif. decided to use the walls of their unneeded cubes to create new classrooms at their probation building. The result? Four classrooms for a much-needed adult resource center, at very little cost. You can use freestanding cubicle walls to create dividers in any room. Best of all, many of these walls already work well as bulletin boards, which means that you don’t have to spend extra cash buying them.

2. Need a Dining Room Table? Use Old Desks


What does this modern dining room table make you think of? If you said, “two pretty basic desks, pushed together,” you’re on the same page as we are. Reuse simple, contemporary drawer-free desks as a fancy-looking dining table. You can even re-paint them to look like designer décor.

3. Need Storage Space? Create Floating Drawers


This ingenious post from Trendhunter showed us a whole new way to reuse old desk drawers. Fixed to the wall, they’re just as much art as functional storage.

4. Need a Planter? Use a Filing Cabinet


Design Sponge shows you how to get rid of that old filing cabinet, create an easy planter, and save $600, all in one go. (Yes, $600 is how much nurseries are charging for similar planters, according to the author of this post!)

5. Need a Night Stand? Use a Filing Cabinet


Have two short, two-drawer filing cabinets? You have the makings of a pair of lovely night stands. Dream Book Design converted a set of filing cabinets into bedside tables for under $40 — and they had to buy the cabinets first.

Images: vxla/Flickr, /Flickr, IKEA, It’s Great to Be Home/Flickr, Stacie Stacie/Flickr