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Office Moving and Relocation Checklist

In the world of business few things are set in stone, and office location is by no means one of them. As your brand starts to grow and scoop up heftier profits, you may find that moving to a bigger office or a piece of commercial real estate closer to downtown, is a smart corporate move. Nevertheless, office moves can be tricky business that can rob your company of precious resources, time, and energy unless planned ahead of time and executed with care. To avoid unwarranted relocation hassle, use this simple checklist and organize the move like a true-blue CRE hopper.

The Early Bird: 1-2 Months before the Move


Once you’ve found your new office and decided to make the move in the next few months, it’s time to start bracing your business for the relocation. Here are the most important things you should tackle two months or so prior to the move:

  • Measure the new office and plan the layout based on your company’s needs.
  • Have the office inspected for pests, mold, asbestos, and other health hazards.
  • Contact office and shed movers to get a free quote for budget planning purposes.
  • Order new furniture based on office dimensions, layout, and corporate needs.

Inching Closer: One Month before the Move

The fact that the move day is weeks away doesn’t mean that you can leave the relocation work to the whims of fate. In the month leading up to the office move, you will need to take care of a few relocation-related details such as the ones listed below.

  • Have the electronics and landlines checked for signs of damage or operation hitches.
  • Notify the suppliers, cleaning service, clients, and other relevant entities about the move.
  • Inform the tax authority about the move and have the business address changed.
  • Set up a postal redirect and see to that the office security devices are replaced.

Time Ticking Out: The Week before the Move

As the move day draws closer, the pace of relocation-related activities will start to pick up. Here are the most important tasks you should complete the week leading up to the move:

  • Check the office, kitchen and bathroom and take care of any damage or problems.
  • Look into outdoor storage options just to stay on the safe side in case of move delays.
  • Have an IT service set up cables, wiring, servers, and other office tech accessories.
  • Stock up on packing materials and ask the cleaners if they could run the final clean.

Final Countdown: Task List for the Move Day


On the morning of the office relocation day, go over the pre-move task list and see if there are any overlooked tasks you need to tackle before the move. If you’ve handled all the vital aspects of the office relocation on time, here are the final duties you’ll need to finish on moving day:

  • Send out some of the staff to the new office location to make the move easier and faster.
  • Make sure the furniture, especially sensitive technology, is loaded and unloaded with due care.
  • Check the old office for items that may have been left behind and run the final cleanup.
  • Return the keys to the landlord and inform them about the new address in case overdue deliveries arrive at the old office.

Tie Up Loose Ends: Finishing Move Touches


With the equipment safely delivered to the new office, it’s time to tie up loose ends before the staff returns to normal work. Here are the essential things to finish up before you re-open your doors to clients and business partners.

  • Make sure the new office is wiped clean before unpacking furnishings and technology.
  • Check the landline and internet speed before setting up the office IT network.
  • Put up the brand logo on the intercom, building entrance, and office door.
  • Organize the unpacking and set a reasonable deadline for resumption of work.

Office relocation can be a touch-and-go affair, which is why you should prepare for the HQ move well in advance and use the checklist above to make sure you lose no unwarranted energy, time, and nerves in the process. Good luck!

Thanks to Chloe Taylor from for providing us with an office moving checklist!

Photo Credits: Unsplash and  Pexels

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