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Office Furniture Gone Wild

Some pieces of office furniture let you go a little crazier than others. Cubicles become the victims of wild pranks or the office fax machine falls under the wrath of a frustrated employees.

But few items take a beating like the humble office rolling chair, which is endlessly spun, rolled and often crashed by thrill seekers.

We rounded up 10 videos of wildly misused equipment.

Sling Shot

School’s out for the summer, and if you have a couple of bored teenagers, you can entertain them for hours is a broken office chair and a piece of string. Just make sure wherever they practice their tomfoolery has a soft landing spot. Otherwise, you’ll have a couple of bored teenagers with broken bones.


We imagine the original purpose of the office chair swivel function was not to make YouTube videos that give viewers vertigo. This guy didn’t get that memo though. He describes spinning in his office chair “like an amusement park ride, but different.” We’ll say. There’s a reason the Magic Kingdom doesn’t have an office-themed park.


In a move designed to give mothers worldwide a heart attack, this kid decides to see how his chair handles … on a street … behind a car. We’re going to go out on a limb and say this wasn’t the brightest move, but it could’ve ended up a lot worse.

Dancing Chair

According to YouTube, Natalie spent Thanksgiving morning choreographing and filming this little number with one of her grandparents’ office chairs. This begs the question: Wasn’t there a parade or a football game on? We’re impressed with her fun moves, use of props and flexibility. But we’re a little concerned about her bowing to the chair at the end of the video.


While we think it’s pretty classy of this dude to put on a nice suit for his little trip down a hill on a rickety office chair, he would’ve scored more points on the interview if he’d worn a helmet (and maybe if he wasn’t in the middle of the street). Safety first, kids!

On Your Marks … Get Set … Go!

They do things a little differently in Germany. For instance, instead of just holding an impromptu office chair race down the main hallway of an office, they close a street, dress up like bunnies and race specially-modified chairs into bales of hay and mattresses. Hey, at least these guys are wearing helmets.


Inspired by the likes of Brian Boitano or Kristi Yamaguchi, or maybe those guys from “Blades of Glory,” these two went for the gold office chair style. We would’ve preferred to see more synchronized spinning and less crashing, but overall great work. See you in Sochi in 2014.

Ramping it Up

We’re not sure that “Holding Out For a Hero” was the most appropriate song choice for this video (maybe if these “daredevils” were leaping over flames to save babies from burning buildings, we’d think differently). Still, their excellent engineering skills and ability to leap over brave co-workers is pretty impressive.

Chair Kwon Do

If your chair routinely sends you home with backaches and neck cramps, then this video is for you. These martial artists bravely take down an offending office chair in style.

Row, Row, Row Your Chair

Even though we somehow knew this video wasn’t going to end well for Isabel, we still think this office looks pretty fun. Check out all the balloons! And the casual dress code! Even the guy with the office (who we have to assume is some sort of boss-type figure) is taking pictures.

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