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Meet an Arnolds Office Furniture Installer

Arnolds Office Furniture installer Brandon Bicks, and the beard that's launched a thousand cubicles.

Arnolds Office Furniture installer Brandon Bick, and the beard that’s launched a thousand cubicles.

Over the last 10 years that Arnolds Office Furniture installer Brandon Bick has been on the job, he’s delivered and assembled workspaces for thousands of companies across the country and internationally.

To say that he knows a thing or two about office furniture is a bit of an understatement.

Bick’s hauled and installed office furniture in every state except Hawaii (he says Arizona, Colorado and Utah are his favorite scenery-wise) for companies ranging in size from home-based businesses in need one or two desks to an IRS building that needed to be outfitted with 1,000-plus cubicles.

From private companies to military units to government offices, he’s pretty much done it all.

He’s even had the opportunity to travel overseas on jobs.

“If it’s a really large-scale job and they want to make sure it’s done right, they’ll send me out to supervise it. But besides that I mainly do in-country,” he said in a recent interview, during which he was moving around some extremely heavy objects. (We, of course, did nothing to help him; our weak arms could barely hold up the digital recorder we used to learn more about his job.)

The amount of time it takes to install cubicles varies, of course, on the size of the company. Large jobs like the IRS building took three months to complete, Bick said, but for a smaller company needing 35 or so cubicles, it usually takes just three to five days. Other factors play into install time as well, like whether the client is getting new versus used cubicles and how big his crew is. For large installs, Bick makes use of a bigger crew lead by project managers who finish the jobs quickly and efficiently.

And professionally, too we might add. Bick is no stranger to installing $30,000 desks in the offices of high-profile people like senators and other government officials.

The most intense install he’s had to do was for the headquarters of Tiffany & Co., during which he and his crew were fully searched each time they entered and exited the building.

“They carried rocks, big rocks,” he said. “Tiffany diamonds was harder to get in there than it was to get on Fort Dix military base.”

As far as the most popular office furniture, Bick said for years it seemed that everyone wanted Steelcase cubicles, but that nowadays Herman Miller tends to be the most popular. In fact, if he had to sit in a cubicle all day rather then just assemble them, he’d go with Herman Miller, too, especially the the My Studio line.

“They’re not fun to build, but visually a great-looking unit,” he said.

We’re sure we can reserve one of our beautiful used My Studio cubes for Bick, should he ever decide to opt for a desk job.

That is, as long as he’s willing to assemble it.

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