What Materials Can Be Used for a Desk?  

Every office will benefit from a different type of desk, and each potential material has features you may want for your office. Find the commercial desk materials that work best for you with the help of Arnold’s Office Furniture today.

Material Options for Office Desks

Desk material can play a significant role in how you and your employees work throughout the day. The best desk workstation materials provide numerous benefits, from aesthetics to durability. Generally, there are three main types of materials that you’ll see used for desks — wood, metal and glass.


Several types of wood can create functional, long-lasting desks. Solid wood desks are among the highest-quality types you can purchase, meaning that their price goes up. However, their value makes up for those added costs.

If solid wood desks are out of your price range, you could choose a desk composed of wood veneers or laminates instead. This type is ideal for desks that you or your employees use less often or for lightweight activities.


Using a metal desk provides numerous benefits. Metal is solid, which means that it’ll last you quite a long time. Common metal desks you might find include stainless steel, iron and aluminum products. Many metal computer desks have a minimalist or sleek design so they take up less space in your office. 

Metal is also easy to clean, allowing you and your employees to get back to work quickly.


Glass is another common commercial desk material. Glass can provide an interesting look and it’s also fragile. Work areas with large traffic amounts or jobs requiring heavy desk use might be better suited for another material. 

If you’re going for a modern feel in a relaxed workspace, glass desk tops are a viable option.

Commercial Desk Materials From Arnold’s Office Furniture

Arnold’s Office Furniture carries numerous types and styles of desks. Our desks come in all the right materials for your workspace. Many of our desks have a combination of all three types of materials. Some of our most popular commercial desks include:

  • Kross desk: This desk has a veneer wood finish, a glass extension and steel legs. You can choose between three colors for your laminate top.
  • Sunline IP sit-stand desk: This desk allows your employees to choose between sitting or standing throughout their day. We have worktops available in light oak, Virginia walnut, Kass walnut and more.

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