Keys to a Successful Reception Area

Mahogany Laminate Reception Station

In the world of business, first impressions matter. As the face of your business, your reception area, lobby or waiting room will determine how well your company will be received by potential clients and customers. Make sure your image is up to par by following these keys to a successful reception area.

1. Understand Your Client Base: The most important thing to consider when designing a reception area or waiting room is your client base. While this may be your business, at the end of the day your business is a result of their hopes and expectations of you. Design this space based on what you think they would like rather than your own preferences. For example, if you were an attorney, your clients would want you to create a feeling of trust and professionalism. Stay away from flamboyant colors and avant-garde furniture, and opt more neutral hues and classic designs.

2. Visibility of the Reception Desk: Your receptionist is often the first person a client or customer sees when they walk in through the doors. Position the desk so that anyone can easily make eye contact with the receptionist as soon as they come in.

3.  Appropriate Not Mood Lighting: Generally speaking, an office isn’t a place for dark, atmospheric lighting. However, depending on your business you can choose to create a greater sense of accessibility and confidence in your services through appropriate lighting. For example, if you’re a doctor’s office, go for bright lights that cast a soft hue. This creates a nonabrasive, yet visible environment.

4. Comfort Not Clutter: A space of any kind is often most comfortable when it is clean and clutter free. If you leave stacks of old magazines and newspapers out for clients, replace them with just a few new ones. Avoid filling the walls with too many paintings or pictures, especially if they’re there purely for aesthetics and hold no meaning for your company itself. Keep the room looking fresh, by giving it a new coat of paint every year or so.

5. It’s in the Details: If you’re vying for business, make sure you visually stand out. Whether it’s a bowl of fresh fruit, instead of candy for your clients or a Keurig coffee maker instead of a water cooler, little details in your reception area are what leave a lasting impression.