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How to Choose a Co-Working Space for Your Startup

If you read our article on 8 Reasons Why Co-Working Space Works for Startups, here is an article on how to choose those co-working spaces! The world of technology has allowed a lot of young people to take their ideas and put them into action. Most of us are trying to do so while at the same time staying aware that many new businesses fail within the first year. We want to minimize the expenses to minimize the losses. One of the ways to do so is to save money on renting or buying an office space, but still have the motivational advantages a co-working environment has to offer as opposed to a home office. Here is what you should pay attention to when choosing the right space.

Know your needs

Before you venture into selecting a co-working space for yourself, make sure that it is something you actually want and can benefit from. Sometimes, the matter of price or comfort is not important if it increases your productivity. Luckily for pockets of those who want to be alone or for any other reason need privacy, you can find a co-working space with a private office. Your other alternatives are a personal desk or an open seating area. Choose the plan which will bring about the greatest benefits to you and your business.

Choose your company

Make sure you ask and check out who you will be working with. Do these people suit you on a personal level or do you find them irritating? Are they from a complementary line of business and will you be able to help each other grow? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you decide to sign up for a certain space. Regardless of the fact you work for separate entities, these people will be your coworkers in a way.

Location and convenience

Since you are the one making the choice, find the location most convenient for you. Do not waste extra time traveling to and from work. If you like to stay fit, find something in the close proximity to sports facilities. If you are driving there, make sure there is parking available on the premises or nearby. Seeing that you may soon hire a team or you already have, find something easy to get to by public transport.

Terms and amenities

Is the office space open 24/7 and is their security? Do you need to be able to work on the weekends and holidays? Find out answers to these questions to know whether the space suits you. If you want to have free nibbles, coffee and drinks, confirm whether they offer it at the office you are checking out. Ask around and be well aware of the prices. Make sure they do not overcharge you for the little perks.

Communicating with customers


How do you communicate with your customers? If most of your communication is done via email or online chat, there is nothing for you to worry about. However, if you need to see your customers or use your phone a lot, you probably need an office space which will allow you to do so. If you are frequently visited by your clients or if a lot of your work is done over the phone, you need a private office. If you only have an occasional client or a colleague visit, a personal desk will suffice. Setting up Simple 1300 Numbers makes your business more professional. You can set the number up on your mobile so your clients can reach you wherever you are, including the coworking space.

Try out before signing the deal

coworking area

Ask them to let you try out the space to see whether it works for you. You will not know for sure whether something suits you until you manage to feel the actual environment and atmosphere. Perhaps everything is perfect but too many people are too loud and you cannot focus and work next to them. Also, be aware that your business may not last forever. Until you are certain of your startup’s future, do not make any long-term commitments as you may end up paying for extra business expenses after it’s gone.

Once you assess your needs and what the space has to offer including the location, amenities, and features, as your coworkers to try it out. Try giving it at least a week before you make your final decision. The future of your startup depends on your right mood, focus, and creativity.

Thanks Hannah Thomas for showing us what you should pay attention to when choosing a co-working space!

Photo Credits: Flickr, Pexel

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