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How Satisfied Are You With Your Workspace?

When you walk into your office, what do you see? Your desk, your chair, your lamp, your keyboard … You may have all the necessities it takes for a solid workspace, but how satisfied are you with it? Below we’ve compiled a quick list of questions to help you determine the answer.

1. Does your back hurt? Do your hands hurt from typing? Do your eyes feel strained? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these, it’s time to rearrange your workspace. An ergonomic workstation is important not only for your output, but for your health as well. Speak with your manager to see if they’re willing to invest in higher quality chairs, desks and computer equipment for you or your team’s usage.

2. How easy is it for you to find what you need?  A cluttered dusk is never a good sign of an efficient workspace. If you find that your desk is stacked with files or supplies, look into some kind of organizational system like mobile drawers or bins that can help you resolve this issue.

3. Do you have enough privacy?  Even in an open or collaborative office, having enough individual space or privacy is vital for concentration. Observe the noise level around you and how often you are interrupted while working; if this is causing you to lose focus, it’s time for you to think about moving to a different location.

4. How distracted are you on a daily basis?  Office distractions don’t necessarily refer to things you don’t have control over, such as your coworkers talking or the telephone ringing. When we talk about distractions, we’re asking what in your space is causing you to think about anything other than your work. Do you have a squeaky chair? Are you spending too much time browsing the internet? Do you have enough lighting? Is the temperature of the office bothering you? These are all things you have control over and have the ability to fix.

5. What’s stopping you from being more productive?  Piggy backing off of number “4,” it’s important that you ask yourself (and ask yourself often), what you can do to have a more productive workspace. From furniture to office etiquette, taking an active involvement in your productivity will not only increase your efficiency, but will make your work environment a more enjoyable space.

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