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Furniture Restoration: How it Works at Arnolds


Used office furniture has gained in popularity over the past couple of years, as thrifty companies look for more ways to save money without sacrificing productivity or jobs. Many of us probably work in refurbished cubicles and use restored furniture and don’t even know it. That’s because if used furniture companies do things the right way, no one can tell the difference between a 10-year-old cubicle and one that just rolled off the line.


Arnolds Office Furniture has been restoring office furniture to like-new condition for decades. Recently, the company expanded its restoration departments in order to offer even more selection to customers. We went inside Arnolds to find out exactly how a piece of furniture is transformed into the shiny, factory fresh-looking articles .

Wood Furniture

Every piece of furniture that Arnolds Office Furniture sells, from the lowliest guest chair to the CEO’s leather-topped desk, goes through the restoration process before it hits the showroom floor.


Wood furniture goes through Arnolds’ wood refinishing shop, where it undergoes a rigorous process of restoration. First, furniture experts sand down each part of the piece. Then, they fix imperfections, either by replacing broken pieces or filling gaps with wood filler.

Next, the furniture is moved into the spray booth, where it’s covered with spray stain or paint, and then two finish coats. Finally, the item goes to the drying booth, where the coats set.


Office Cubicles

Most of us work in office cubicles, but we probably don’t give very much thought to where they came from. If our senior management is smart, they opted for used, refurbished cubicles. Arnolds offers cubicles for a fraction of the price of brand-new systems, and will replace the panels with any color fabric the client desires, for an additional cost.


The bulk of the process of refurbishing an office cubicle is taken up by redoing the panels. In the video above, you can get an inside peek at Arnolds’ panel recovery area, where cubicle panel fabric is cleaning, stretched, replaced, and reglued back onto the frames.

Finally, the trim pieces that hold the cubicles together are repainted in Arnolds’ paint shop, and put back in place. The end result is a cubicle that looks like it’s brand-new, but costs less than half the price of a non-refurbished system.


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