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Functionality, Aesthetics and Comfort: Can Your Office Have It All?

Furnishing an office is an unenviable task. You need to find chairs comfortable enough for someone to sit in eight hours a day, five days a week, but you also must make sure everything from the desk in the CEO’s office to the couch in reception is functional and presentable.

Many office managers have one priority when selecting furniture – maybe it’s comfort, or appearance or usefulness.

But office furniture sets a tone for your business. And if you can find pieces that embody the trifecta of furniture perfection – functionality, comfort and good asthetics – then you’ve done your job right.

Employees will be happy that you looked out for their long-term health by selecting ergonomic chairs and desks, customers will be impressed with your style sense and accounting will love that you found pieces that were both sturdy and respected the bottom line.

But does the perfect office furniture even exist? Or is it the stuff of legends?

Do leprechauns roll around on attractive, comfy, durable chairs, guarding their pots of gold from thieving trolls and romping with unicorns?

We’re happy to say you won’t have to go to Oz or Wonderland to track down the best of the best in office furniture. We found it for you.

Capisco Chair by Hag
If the folks on “Star Trek” ever had a need for a rolling office chair (probably not a good idea when they’re heading into warp speed), they would’ve picked the Capisco chair. The uber-stylish chair is also uber comfortable and uber adjustable. The chair naturally follows you into your next sitting position providing the “appropriate nourishment for active muscles” and can be adjusted to fit any workstation height. It’s also made from environmentally friendly recycled material, to which we say guten hag!

WorkRite Sierra Pin
Desks are not one size fits all, and luckily the folks at WorkRite get that. They’ve created a sleek line of workstations in a variety of shapes that can be easily adjusted to fit the height needs of whomever is using the station. They’re perfect for offices with high turnover or flexible seating arrangements. The design isn’t fussy, which means your office will look clean and modern.

RightAngle’s LifeBalance Station

Admittedly, the LifeBalance Station is a little bulky compared with the average workstation, but it’s for a good cause: making your employees less bulky. This health-conscious workstation is part desk, part semi-recumbent elliptical machine, which means your employees will get in a workout while working. An office full of healthy, happy employees means fewer sick days and increased productivity. Plus, imagine the message you’ll be sending to anyone who stops in your business: that you not only value your employees, but you’re also forward thinking.

Enjoy by Kimball Office
This lounge seating collection is the ideal solution for communal office areas or reception. The sloped arms offer ease in getting in and out of the chairs or couches and the cushions are comfy and supportive. The straight lines make the furniture look contemporary without coming across as cold and unwelcoming. You can even mix and match upholstery for added flair.

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