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Cost Comparison: New vs. Used Furniture

Whether you’re running a bare-bones startup or an established business looking to upgrade, when you start shopping for office furniture, don’t rule out buying used out of fear that you’ll have to sacrifice quality for savings.

Used office furniture retailers like Arnolds take care to clean and refurbish pieces from well-known manufacturers (think Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth and Knoll) and sell them to you at a steep discount. How steep? Often 50 percent or more off the list price (in stock right now we even have several pieces that are more than 80 percent off the list price).

If you’re looking to furnish a small office, maybe spending a little extra to buy new pieces won’t affect your bottom line much. However, when you’re a larger business, or one with a very limited budget, the cost of providing a workstation for multiple employees can add up quickly. Let’s say you need open-plan workstations for 50 employees. Buying moderately priced new workstations, you could end up spending as much as $75,000 (and that’s without chairs) to furnish your office. Used, you’ll spend $35,000, more than half the price of new.

The downside of shopping used is that you might not have as broad a selection as you would if you were buying new and you don’t get to pick the finishes and fabric colors. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to skrimp on style. Plenty of high-quality, high-end furniture finds its way into used furniture retailers and are ready for a savvy business to snap it up.

Need more proof of just how much you’ll save? Check out what’s in stock right now:

Executive Desks
Steelcase Elective Elements Office: Constructed out of beautiful cherry wood this professionally refinished office set features a U-shaped worksurface, overhead cabinets, lateral file, pedestal, bookcase and matching chair. List price is $14,500, Arnolds price is $2,450. It’s an 83 percent savings.

Herman Miller My Studio: These almost new cubicles from premiere furniture manufacturer Herman Miller are among the cleanest we’ve ever come across. Each 8×8 cubicle features a cherry wood worksurface and outside panels, wardrobe towers, plenty of storage and etched glass dividers. List price is $15,000, Arnolds price is $3,500. It’s 77 percent savings.

Knoll Reff Cubicles: These gorgeous maple wood cubicles feature a cherry wood worksurface, pedestals, overhead bins and 64-inch panels with glass. List price is $19,500, Arnolds price is $1,850. Enjoy 91 percent savings.

Open plan stations
Knoll Dividends Workstations: One of the go-to choices for an open plan office, these 6×6 L-shaped workstations by Knoll offer generous overhead and pedestal storage, power connections and shared conference table to encourage employee collaboration. List price is $1,500, Arnolds price is $699. Get 53 percent savings.

Haworth Race Workstations: For businesses craving high-tech connectivity and style, these workstations from Haworth are the best of the best. They feature electric panels, mobile pedestals and attractive glass dividers. List is $4,000, Arnold’s is $699. Take advantage of 83 percent savings.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair: Finally, the common man (and woman) can enjoy the sweet curves and maximum comfort that this contemporary desk chair is known for. While the Aeron chair retails for $1,000, you can get one from Arnolds for just $549. That’s 45 percent savings.

Find more high-quality used furniture on Arnolds.

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