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Disgusting Things People Do in Office Cubicles

We spend most of our waking hours at work, which makes our co-workers a bigger part of our lives than our neighbors. So it’s not strange that the things our co-workers do – or don’t do – in their cubicles can have an impact on our personal happiness. Here are five of our least favorite co-worker behaviors.

1. Eating Gross Food.

For some reason, people think the food they eat has no odor. Your neighbor could spend his whole morning feeling irritated by the smell of someone else’s breakfast sandwich, and then go right out and get a tuna sub. As a phenomenon, it has to be related to the part of human nature that makes us annoyed with pedestrians while we’re driving and drivers while we’re walking.

2. The Amazing Burping Co-Worker.

We once had a colleague who could, and did, burp the Star Spangled Banner whenever he was bored. Unfortunately for all of us, his job must have been extremely boring, because the burping was constant. At best, this was amusing. At worst, it was disruptive and not exactly professional. Then there are the cube neighbors who think their walls are sound-proofed, or that their headphones render them silent as well as unable to hear.

3. You Can Pick Your Nose … But Maybe Not at Your Desk.

Here’s one thing we can say for your nose-picking co-worker: She’s probably never been caught on camera picking her nose and eating it like the woman in this video. Eating it! Eating her boogers! Unless you work in a nursery school, you probably don’t expect that. But then again, you probably look away as soon as you catch your colleague rooting around in her nose.

4. Clipping Toenails in the Cube.

This is not a video of a person cutting their toenails in his cube. This is a video of an adorable little hedgehog having his toenails cut, adorably, by a person who understands that the internet is powered solely by adorable animal pictures. (And porn, but that’s another item. The next item, in fact.) Honestly, we couldn’t deal with the videos of people cutting their toenails. There are some grody people out there in the world.

5. Watching Porn at Work.

What is it about TV news rooms? You’d think of all workplaces, they’d be staffed by folks who are well aware that the office is not a private place. At the very least, you’d expect a guy to know if his monitor was facing the camera.

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