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Designing Your Zen Office Furniture Layout


Who couldn’t use a little peace and calm in their working life? Zen office furniture is one way to get just that. By helping us to concentrate on simplicity and purpose, instead of techy toys and frills, this style fosters a more creative and productive working life, while saving money at the same time. Here’s how to tell if the Zen working life is right for you, and how to get furniture to encourage it.

What Is Zen Office Furniture?

At its core, Zen office furniture is about keeping it simple. Forget about big, bulky desks and complicated filing systems. Not only are those expensive to implement, but in this age of laptops and cloud storage, big furniture isn’t even necessary.

Zen office furniture is basic, smaller, and has very clean lines. Above all, it’s ergonomic. Its purpose should be to support your productivity and make your life easier. The most Zen furniture of all is produced by green practices — recycling, reusing, or reclaiming.

Who Wants to Use It?

Zen office furniture is perfect for anyone who wants streamline to his or her life. From college students to CEOs, we could all use a little bit more simplicity, but this style of furniture is particularly useful for folks who are operating out of small spaces. Apartment dwellers, dorm residents, and modern office workers will find it an effective solution to the problem of maximizing workspace.


Tips for Getting Zen Office Furniture

You don’t need to go to a specialty store to find Zen office furniture. (Although if you’re looking, we have to give a shout-out to awesome green furniture company Carolina Morning, whose pictures adorn this piece.) Here are a few ways to get started…

  • Sort by price at any major furniture outlet, and you’ll find the simplest, cheapest desks, chairs, and filing systems.
  • Look for furniture specially crafted for students — it’s often smaller, simpler, and less ornate than the full-priced “grown-up” versions.
  • Of course, if you want something sturdier, but still green and inexpensive, look at used furniture stores like Arnolds Office Furniture. We’re constantly getting new shipments of gently-used and lovingly-refurbished office furniture, many of which would be a great fit for your new, simpler, more Zen office space.How to Design Your LayoutLet function be your guide. Start with an empty space, if possible, and move in only furniture that will support your needs. Be ruthless about clutter and above all, don’t use your office as a storage space. Then, sit back and let the calm descend over your working life.Images: Carolina Morning
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