4 Rules of Cubicle Etiquette

Learning about cubicle etiquette 101 can help your office function better. Cubicles are a popular way to work, and learning common cubicle etiquette rules will make these workspaces a viable choice for any business type.

What Is Cubicle Etiquette?

Cubicle etiquette includes the steps you and your coworkers take to respect each other’s boundaries, privacy and more. Everything from how you talk to scents is part of cubicle etiquette. Following these guidelines throughout the office increases productivity.

Cubicle Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Working in a shared office space presents both benefits and challenges. Be courteous to others by following and implementing these guidelines in your workspace.

1. Mind Your Voice

You should walk up to the other person’s cubicle and talk to them. Yelling or talking loudly across the room causes distractions for other employees. You could also begin the conversation over email.

When you’re on work calls at your office phone or speaking with a coworker, your voice should stay at a reasonable level. Similarly, avoid speakerphone if possible.

2. Respect the Privacy of Others

When you’re working in cubicles, do not look over the walls into another person’s area. This practice can come across as invasive and disrespectful, not to mention it can be distracting. Instead, take the short walk to your neighbor’s — or any other coworker’s — cubicle and knock on the wall or door, if applicable. 

However, if you notice the individual is preoccupied with a work task, wait to speak. Employees might think that since cubicles are open, they can take or borrow something from another person’s desk. Even if it’s only a stapler, you should always get office supplies properly.

3. Minimize Other Distractions

Distractions appear in several forms. Employees should be mindful of scents. While you might enjoy the smell of essential oils, others in your shared workspace might not. Food, perfumes and colognes are all scents to keep in check. Anything from the smell of your leftovers to strong colognes can bother other employees.

Smartphones should be silent or on a vibrate-only mode. If you need to take a personal call, wait until you’re out of the shared work area. If you’re allowed to listen to music on your computer, phone or other devices, be mindful of volume and wear earbuds or headphones.

4. Keep the Cubicle Professional

Your decor in the cubicle needs to be respectful and professional. Anything offensive or otherwise distracting should stay out of the cubicle. Additionally, personal grooming habits should remain at home or in a restroom. Hair brushing, nail clipping and swapping outfits are inappropriate for the workspace.

Your cubicle is for work business, and therefore you need to follow work etiquette rules.

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