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Crazy Videos of People Trashing Office Equipment

The movie “Office Space” has taught us a lot about cubicle life. From desperately counting the seconds until the next coffee break, to guarding your stapler, to angling for the last piece of birthday cake, the movie captured some of the more excruciating moments that make up the typical cube dweller’s day.

Perhaps the biggest gift “Office Space” gave us — beyond the realization that we’re not alone — was inspiration to have our way, once and for all, with the malfunctioning technology that’s supposed to make our lives easier.


We know that enacting similar justice on your inanimate office nemesis might result in your being forcibly ejected from your job. So, we rounded up five more equally exhilarating moments of office equipment destruction. Just live vicariously through these people.

The tossing

So we’re not sure what the G3 did to upset these guys so much, but we like how they worked out their issues. In fact, the next time it takes 20 minutes for our computer to boot up, we might start looking for our own cliff. If you live in a cliff-free part of the country (like South Bend maybe?) refer to the next video for other ways of working out your rage.

The grilling
monitor copy

These guys might not be the most literate, but we like that they put safety first (the guy with the shotgun is wearing ear protection, after all). Plus, they were super efficient in the destruction of the monitor – shooting it and setting it on fire? Genius! No more squinting for you.

The forking
forklift copy

You might have to contact some of the guys back in the warehouse to get access to a forklift – but we’re sure making that extra effort won’t disappointment you. Not only will you be able to impale the machine which constantly jams and requires that you know how to speak Vulcan in order to translate the instructions for unjamming it, but you can then lift it and slam it to the ground like a professional wrestler.

The splitting
logsplitter copy

OK, once you get past this guy’s rather — strange — obsession with obsolete office equipment and maniacal laughing, you have to admire his ingenuity. Where does one even acquire a log-splitter? We don’t know about you, but we found climax of the video better than the drive out of the parking lot before a vacation in Key West. The next time we’re stuck doing the toner dance or find ourselves pressing the power button on and off to “fix” whatever mysterious problem that has caused the printer to stop doing it’s one and only job, we’re heading to eBay. A log-splitter can’t cost that much, right?

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