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County Official Admits He’s ‘Cheap’ … and His Office Shows It

Nowadays, an extravagant public servant is a soon-to-be-unemployed public servant. There’s nothing people hate more than hearing about officials wasting money, while the people they serve struggle to make ends meet. So it’s not surprising when a local bigwig decides to put off that big office remodel or sizable office furniture purchase. Still, most folks draw the line at fishing their furniture out of the office rejects pile. That’s where Cuyahoga County, Ohio Prosecutor Tim McGinty really stands out.

“I like having reporters sit on the couch and I ask them. ‘Are you itchy or anything? We got that out of the Dumpster,'” McGinty says.

Pictured: Not Tim McGinty's couch.

Pictured: Not Tim McGinty’s couch.

That’s an exaggeration, but barely — McGinty’s office, which is furnished solely with a desk, a couple of chairs, and the aforementioned couch — owes its décor solely to the county’s pile of secondhand furniture. It’s a decorating style that reporter Michael K. McIntyre refers to as “better suited for a college student.” (No word on whether that itchy sofa is mended with duct tape and covered with pizza stains, but you get the picture.)

The most interesting thing about this story is that McGinty’s office didn’t start out looking like the last hour of the rummage sale. When he moved in, the place was fully equipped with the usual fancy, glossy furnishings — an impressive desk, a huge table, and plenty of shelving. McGinty made short work of those, distributing the wealth around the building.

“I kind of passed it around,” he says. “They needed furniture in the library so the shelves were perfect. And that big table? It’s a perfect conference table, so now it’s in the conference room,” he said.

Also not Tim McGinty's couch.

Also not Tim McGinty’s couch.

This is very generous and all, but we can’t help but think there might be a middle ground between Scrooge McDuck’s office and a giant empty room with a Dumpster sofa full of nervous reporters. For example, McGinty could have passed around the fancy furniture to the needy offices in his building, and then come to Arnolds for replacements that looked just as slick, but cost up to 50 percent less that you’d expect. Heck, . (OK, not his actual desk, but a similar one, made by the same exclusive company.)

The point is, thanks to our miraculous furniture restoration crew, you can be as proudly cheap as Cuyahoga County’s prosecutor, but still look like a millionaire. Drop us a line and tell us your needs, or come by our showroom to see what’s new.

Images: ChazWags/Flickr

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