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Colors in the office

Colors for Your Office and How They’ll Affect Your Mood

There are dozens of aspects at play that a business owner must consider when setting up offices for their employees. Chief among these is the color that you choose for the office. Although the default color for most offices seems to be “white,” or the always-exciting “slightly off white,” these may not be the best colors to inspire productivity and creativity in your employees. Below, we’ve listed a few common office colors, along with the effect that you’ll find they have on most employees.

Blue: Potentially the most used color for offices other than “eggshell white,” blue has been known to be one of the more “productive” hues on the color wheel. If you want your employees to plow through their work with determination, then blue (with an added complement of bright orange) could both heighten their productivity and pique their creativity.

Yellow: If you want your employees to be more focused on the creative aspect of their work, rather than just “getting through” a set amount of assignments a day, then using a bright lively color like yellow, or the aforementioned bright orange, could help arouse their spiritual side and get their creative energy flowing.

Green: If you want to achieve a balance of creativity and productivity, green could be the color you need. Reminiscent of nature, green is a naturally soothing color and could help increase office fellowship and keep tempers under control.

Red: If you work in a more physical environment, like a warehouse or a factory, red could inspire your workers to be more physically productive. It stimulates the part of your brain that taps into your primal instincts, so activating the body’s natural fight-or-flight response could help your employees master their energy.

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