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Color Therapy for the Office

The walls of your office can affect the way your employees work and feel. Studies show that depending on age, gender, location, and culture, different colors have different impulses associated with them.

When designing your office, choose your office colors wisely. Remember that each color can affect the psychology and mood of your workplace.

Colors and Their Associations:

– Red: Aggressive and stimulating, and raises energy levels.  Good For: Reception areas; anywhere that you want to make a strong first impression.

White: Clean, neutral, and sterile. Good For: Overall neutral color that can be used in any room.

Yellow: Stimulating, bright, and cheerful. Good For: Conference rooms or break rooms where employees need to feel stimulated.

Blue: Calming, soothing, and masculine. Good For: Bathrooms; blue is often associated with sleep and sickness; this color may be too relaxing for a work place environment.

Gray: Wisdom, and intelligence. Good For: Gray is a relatively neutral color, but can make a good impression in hallways and offices.

Purple: Dramatic, elegant, sophisticated, and feminine. Good For: Reception areas and hallways; purple is a strong color and should be used sporadically as a design accent, rather than an overall wall color.

Orange: Exciting, energetic, and enthusiastic. Good For: Certain shades of orange can have the same stimulating effects as yellow; use it in your conference rooms and break rooms.

Green: Stress relieving, calming, and soothing. Good For: A room where you meet with clients; green is a relaxing color that is restful on the eyes; however, unlike blue, it does not have the same “sleep” connotations; instead, green represents life and renewal.

Photo credit: Josh Parrish / Source / CC BY

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