New York Cancer and Blood Specialist

4'x3 and 5'x3' 65"-53" high Sunline Select Cubicles

Long Island, NY

New York Cancer and Blood, which is one of the nations leading community cancer centers, has been a repeat customer since 2019. So far, we have successfully completed 3 jobs for them. Their most recent job in Ridge, NY included 45 of our Sunline Select cubicles and chairs.

When we asked Nicole, Chief Operating Officer of NY Cancer and Blood, what made them return to Arnolds, she replied with “top satisfaction.” Jim, our VP of Sales, the Design Team, and Project Manager worked together and provided “great communication, exception/on time design turnaround time” to ensure the project stayed on track.


When it came to delivery and installation, it was a “smooth” process. Nicole’s overall experience with Arnold’s was a “great, exceptional experience.”


Company Size: 1,500 Employees

Industry Size: Healthcare