8'x8', 8'x6', 16'x6' 65" High and 5'x5' 53" High Clover Cubicles

Miamisburg, OH

Evenflo, the manufacturer of children’s products, recently purchased 21 office desks, 2 conference tables, and 78 chairs for their Miamisburg, OH office. A few months prior to this project, they purchased 62 of our Clovercubicles.

Evenflo returned to Arnold’s to purchase the remaining desks, conference tables, and chairs, not only to keep the consistency in the type of product, but because of our teams communication. Angelia Barga, Senior Procurement Specialist at Evenflo, stated that it was a “Brand new space – we utilized the wonderful staff to help with the complete design of new space with cubicles – which created the layout. Then we added furniture to the offices.”

Evenflo LayoutAt Arnold’s we want to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied with the layout of the space which may result in a couple of changes to the floor plan. This project is the perfect example. It took a few months to finalize the floor plan as there were several changes, but once that was complete, we hit the ground running with delivery and installation. 

When asked how delivery and installation went, Angelia stated that “The installation team was fantastic to work with. They had coordinated the delivery down to the left side of the space vs the right side of the space, which allowed the layout to be done in a meticulous way. During the installation, there was no HVAC, the team did a wonderful job working in this environment. The installation ended up having to be worked around various crews completing their portion of the build-out. The team did an excellent job (long days, weekends) to get the cubicles together.”

Evenflo DeskAngelia was the lead of the project on the Evenflo side and had to jump through hoops to get the site up and running. The original build out went beyond its original due date of occupancy and Arnold’s stepped up and helped secure Evenflos cubicles. Angelia stated “When we were ready for the installation – there was a couple of factors that prolonged the installation – Arnold’s understood where the contractor’s needs were and did a complete work around. Due to the ease of the cubicle installation, when it was time to go from using existing office furniture to ordering new office furniture, Arnold’s is who I turned to. I knew the design of the offices, the ordering of the furniture to the delivery and install would be easy for the office furniture. We are looking at addition furniture for the space – I think we will be ordering conference room tables next.” 

We look forward to doing more business with Evenflo and appreciate the repeat business! 

Company Size: 9,000 Employees Worldwide

Industry: Parenting Products Company