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5 Ways to Bring Summer Vacation to Your Cubicle

The traditional public school system set many of us up for disappointment when we entered the working world.  After spending eighteen years or more of our lives knowing that two months of idle summer days would be the reward for ten months of hard work, sitting out our summer in a cubicle can feel like a trap.

It’s hard not to feel a pang of nostalgia for those luxurious summer vacations every sunny morning you drive into work.  If you’re spending your work days dreaming of poolside lounging and exciting beach trips, it might be time to bring Summer vacation to your cubicle.

While your boss would probably frown upon you bringing in sand to pour on the floor, here are five other ideas to bring the feeling of a summer vacation to your work space.

Give Yourself a Resort Quality View

Summer Views

Removable wall stickers are a quick and easy way to change up your scenery at work.  While these removable stickers gained their popularity as home decor, there are plenty now available specifically for cubicle walls.  All you have to do is pick one that best matches your idea of a summer dream vacation, stick it on your wall, and enjoy serene views until autumn (or longer!).  If you want to really embrace the resort feeling in your cubicle, you can frame the scene as though you see it through a window.  Then you can decorate the rest of your cubicle with soft summer fabrics and tropical knickknacks.


Bring in the Fresh Scents of Summertime

Summer Scents

Of course, just having an image of your dream vacation spot is not a wholly immersive experience.  For that, you’ll need to engage your other senses, particularly smell.  Our sense of smell has a powerful effect on our mood and memory, and you can use this to your advantage in your cubicle.  Reed diffusers and similar air fresheners can give your work space a relaxing summery fragrance. As soon as you smell it, your memories will take you back to those lazy days by the beach.

If the scent of your air freshener bothers your neighbors, you can instead invest in some hand lotion in a summer scent, so that you can still enjoy the smell without diffusing it through the office all day.


Surround Yourself With Summer Sounds

Summer Sounds (Photo Credits: Via Flickr courtesy of Gavin Whitner)

A pair of good-quality headphones is a must for any cubicle, no matter what time of year.  In summer, however, they can help fully transport you to a relaxing vacation spot while you’re working.  With high quality headphones, you can replace the sounds of a typical day at the office with your favorite summer jams or the sounds of a peaceful private beach.


Create a Palm Tree Paradise


Once you have engaged your senses with decor, scent, and sounds, you can take your cubicle closer to a tropical paradise with a desktop palm tree.  Sago palm trees are an easy bonsai plant for beginners, so you can keep a miniature version in a pot on your desk.  Sagos may not technically be real palm trees, but they look similar enough that no one will know.

If bonsai is too much distraction from your job, you can get fake palm trees.  Low-maintenance plants, like succulents, are also a good way to bring some summer greenery into your office.

Add Some Festive Summer Flair

Summer Decorations

One of the best parts of summer are the parties.  Pool parties, luaus, and cookouts are the source of some of our fondest memories, but you don’t have to wait for the weekend to enjoy the festive atmosphere of a good summer gathering.  Decorate your cubicle with some pretty string lanterns and garlands to make your work area feel like a party.  You can even keep one of those glass drink dispensers at your desk, full of ice cold lemonade that you can pour whenever you want.

In addition to making your cubicle look and feel like a summer vacation, you can include some summer activities in your regular work day.  Take advantage of your break room freezer to store some ice cream or popsicle treats for a cool snack in the mid-afternoon.  Go on walks outside to get some summer sun on your breaks.  If you have the space outside your office, you can even invite some of your coworkers out for a fun summer picnic during lunch.  With the right mindset, you can enjoy every minute of your summer in your office and still go home feeling refreshed and full of energy for more summer fun.  It may not be the two solid months of no responsibilities, but you’ll still have a summer full of great memories in your office.

Have you ever decorated your cubicle for summer?
Share your tips and ideas in the comments below.  We always love hearing from you!

And of course, if you are running low on cubicles to decorate, contact us at Arnold’s for all the best priced new and used office cubicles at the best prices.  Happy Summer!

Photos via Pixabay and Flickr courtesy of Gavin Whitner
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